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    Here it is:

    edit: …sorry about this stupid ripoff i made. 🙁



    Sorry Legotronn, that didn’t hit off so well with me.

    No offense, but its a direct ripoff of Motfilms movies. 2 guys, a penguin, and (something that isn’t in motfilms movies) really bad sets that aren’t taped down. Not only is it a ripoff, its a very poor imitation.

    Try to be more original next time, tape your sets down, and work on your camera angles. Then we’ll have a real slasher film from you. 😉

    Btw, can’t rate the sound because my sound cards busted.



    okay. i’ll try to do what your saying in my next short.



    Rip Off of Bob and Joe Meet the Penguins (BAJMTP):
    Legotronn, I’m glad you enjoy my movies, but you cannot take someone’s idea like this. I’m sure you have enough ideas of your own to make some good movies. But there are so many things about this film that are similar BAJMTP; even Mack’s face is the same as Joe’s face! The Monstes, Inc. music fit the movie nicely, but that was stolen too.

    Yolego has said most of what I would say here, so I won’t even bother.

    I know you said you were sorry; I forgive you. I’m just surprised that you did this.




    Legotronn, you need to stop taking people’s ideas, or at least ask them before you do it. This AND the weekly show?
    c’mon legotronn, your better than this.



    I “can” and I “am” making a totally original movie right now called, ”The Computer Nut”. It’s only in the writing step right now. 🙂



    I have nothing to add to that except that if you are going to use a penguin, get a fatter one.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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