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    I’m proud to anounce the realease of my third movie!

    *Link Removed*

    😀 😀 😀

    The famous Y.M.C.A. song is now the theme of this shakin’ groovin’ musical about a young man and his six new friends!

    Those six men happen to be… THE BRICKLAND PEOPLE! 😆

    I’m very proud of this movie. It took me considerably longer time to make than my other movies, even though some scenes were reapeated.

    😀 😀 😀

    Now, as for quality…

    Lighting: Better, but some flickering in the beginning. Other than that, the lighting is very consistant.

    Camera Work: I illimated the camera shaking using JamesFM’s Custom Quickcam 4k Cradle. This also allowed me to get down to the minifigs level. Thanks James!

    Animation: Not as smooth as other movies, but well suited to the music.

    Plot: Not much of a plot, although VERY funny in my opinion. Just wait untill you see Joe spinning around on his butt and doing the Worm. The Motorcycle guy really DOES have a motorcycle. People Playing Ping-Pong Procariusly (Say that ten times fast) And all of em’ like to groooooove!

    Watch it, tell me what you think, and most of all, ENJOY IT! Watch the first time for the fun of it, and the second time so you can rate it.

    😀 😀 😀



    Hmm, sounds funny. Too bad it doesn’t work. When I try to download it, I can only download 48Ks of it.




    I fixed it now. You should be able to watch it! 😀



    Hey, tub! could u convert it to rm?

    here’s a program to convert it:



    Why can’t you download it and convert it?



    was that a slide show or a lego movie….the animation was kind of choppy and the scenes were reused lots of times and there were a ton of stills which were not that great.



    because when i download wmv files made by the latest windows media codec, all i can see is black, and all i hear is the sound. Helix Produce3r would make the wmv an rm with only sound. But since they can see it perfectly, it’ll come out perfectly when they make it an rm file



    Indy A,

    If you want to offer advice, feel free to do so.

    But what you said wasn’t advice, it was more like making fun of it.

    It your quote, you say that you only do your best if you try. Well, I tried very hard. Problabdy hard enough to earn more than some “lame” exscuse of a review from you. 😡



    Hi there, Welsey[1],

    I know it could have been put in a nicer way, but IndyA does have a point. There’s not much animation in this one. The only point in the video where showing stills is, in my opinion, justified, is in the four blasts before “it’s fun to stay…”, the ones where you show the different activities one can undertake. For the rest, it just looks better if you animate the scenes completely.

    I know it’s a lot of work, but remember: most of us spend months on just 5 minutes of film, you made this in a few hours.

    Comments that can be repeated from previous films by you:
    1) The camera is quite high up, at times showing only the heads of the folks. Put some CD cases under your baseplate to make it higher. Make sure to use enough BluTack (or whatever poster adhesive you have around) to secure the set and the camera.
    2) The idea of a set is to frame the action into a nice environment. There are a few cases where a set is not needed (Doorway comes to mind), but even in that film, there is a set: it’s all white. Yours just show an empty baseplate with a wall behind it. Put some more attention to it. You’re using Lego as a medium: you’re SUPPOSED to build interesting stuff. Put some of it there!

    Naturally, your film has quite a few good points. For one, I liked the timing of the four blasts mentioned above. My compliments for that! These shots also show sets and props, making them interesting and making it possible to repeat them without getting comments on that.
    Furthermore, there’s the “In a new town” bit, where the town appears out of nowhere. This is excellent visual story-telling, and if you had carried this through in all scenes, the film would have been pretty good!

    I hope I didn’t disappoint you too much, and that you’ll really blow me away with your next one, for which I highly advice you to take 2 weeks to make it, at least.

    Yours fearing-we-haven’t-seen-the-last-of-the-Village-People-yet,


    [1] sic.



    I finally downloaded the film… The brickshelf is very slow today….

    Here is my review:

    This film was better then your other but still could be better.

    The camera work was better, and here ( as I think ) it was hard to put the cam on the minifigs level because in some scenes you had many of them, and if you would put the cam down we won’t see them all. But again, as Wandrer already said, it could be better.

    The lighting was better, but the quality not… Logitech Pro 4000 is a good cam and must have good quality so try playing with the settings.

    The animation was ok. Probably if it would be slower it won’t fit the music so good.

    But it was better then your other films, and I am sure you will have great results in your next film! 😀

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