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    ello ello ello!
    just wondering if anyone out there has ever heard of stikfas. They are a new toy that you put together and they have a huge range of poseability(if that’s even a word). I have one and have used it in one movie, although there are no lego figures. It’s a music video of a guy playing his guitar, and when the chorus plays, all these hands seem to come out of the floor and jump up and down around him as he plays. In fact, my avatar is a tiny clip from the movie. Do you think I’d be able to post this movie, since it is stop motion with a little figure and it’s pretty cool?



    Yep, there was a whole topic about this on the old forums. Guess we can restart that conversation.

    Cometgreen, a lego man; always has, always will be


    Trent McC

    Yeah, i heard of ’em.
    In fact i have a few alpha blacks and an omega knight.
    I enjoy their wide range of playability.



    Can anyone tell me where I could find a bigger selection other than the 3 or 4 they usually have at GameStop? I have 1 black and 1 green army guys, and that is the only kind I’ve seen.

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