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    I’ve added a new custom to my website today. I actually built it about a week ago, but didn’t put it on the site until today.

    I started building it one night at about 11:30pm and finished the main body of the ship at about 5:00am. Then I went to bed for a few hours and finished the inside the next day.

    Anyways, you can get to my site from the link in my sig



    That ship is pretty cool. It kind of reminds me of something from The Matrix.

    Do you plan on using it in a film of some sort?




    Now that looks cool, especially the Photoshop version! Man, i wish i had photoshop!

    I agree with Alex, that does look like something from the matrix. Were your ideas inspired by the movie when you were making it?



    It was inspired by The Matrix, but unlike their ships, mine’s capable of space travel as well as atmospheric transportation. Oh, and it probably will be featured in a film :wink

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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