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    Ok guys, time to open your English-French dictionnary or the
    translation facilities of Google :

    Haven’t heard yet the quality but an impressive database.



    “The French website” wrote: MAIS ce n’est pas parce que c’est gratuit qu’il est possible de faire n’importe quoi (!!!!).

    Found under “Mode d’emploi”. What does this mean? We can listen to them and download them, but not use them for some (unspecified) things?





    Excellent pick, Stefan, and I did think the same…
    However, this sentence (tr. “It’s not because it’s free that you can do everything”) means nothing for me.
    I’ve searched the site for some explicit restrictions of use and found nothing but for the quotes coming from movies (obvious).
    So I guess it’s ABSOLUTELY free of use and that’s why I didn’t wrote anything in my original post.

    Anayway, I’ve just sent them an email so as to light this dark point.



    Hmm, if they have quotes from movies I suspect that the other sounds might also come from just about anywhere.

    However, under “Bruitages par catégorie” at the bottom it reads:

    tous les sons sont propriété de et ne peuvent être exploités sans notre accord.

    Whether “exploiter” implies commercial use or any distribution, I don’t know.




    et ne peuvent être exploités sans notre accord.

    Again, this is meaningless !
    You should describe EXACTLY what you can or can’t do.
    I use to buy many sample libraries and everytime their use
    is deeply described.



    I bring this topic up because I got news from the owners of the website.
    All the original sounds on this site can be used without restrictions, except for the sounds coming from external sources (like movies) taht are submittted to their respective copyrights.

    Good news, then.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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