New gear, new song.

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    guitar man

    Well, now that I got my SM57 for christmas, and my brother got a HUGE amp. I figured I would throw a little song together to show you guys.

    I took a break from the usual grinding distortion that I usually use, and did somthing a little softer. 2 guitars, Wah and chorus galore.

    The song is (un)creativly named “funk-o-riffic”

    This link may go down at any time, do the the bandwith cap the geoities gives me. So please right-click save to listen to this.

    I am happy with the overall quality (considering this is my first real attempt), and hope you guys like it too. 🙂

    Aahg! Geocities already died, I’ll try and find some new hosting for that file.


    The song was kinda repetitive, but cool. I don’t really like the name of the song though. Funk-o-riffic sounds kinda hippie-ish.

    Good song over all.



    Sounds nice, g-man. I’m glad to see you putting your new stuff to work. Did you use your SM57 to mic your brother’s cab? Or did you record directly from your amp simulator?

    The longer you have the mic, the more you’ll grow to appreciate it. Like I said before, it’ll last you the rest of your life.


    guitar man

    Yes, it was usig the mic. And I already do apreciate it! Direct just can’t seem to capture the same magic that a good mic and an amp can.

    1 recording, and I am already seeing what I have been missing all these years trying to record direct.



    Pretty cool, but the name is a bit hippy-ish


    willy trombone

    i’ve been wanting to get an sm57 for a really long time. and now with my Christmas money, i might be able to get one! yay!

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