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    when are were gonna be able to get new ones…? how about have us all look at phpbbhacks for ones we want, then you make one thread (stiky maybe) and we post the ones we like or whatever… ones that suit the forum

    we need to skin this sucker up, i know it and so do u



    fact one, this topic already has a thread here.

    fact two, this “site redesign” forum only has 18 different topics in it at the moment.

    fact three, finding afforementioned topic is not difficult, as all 18 threads are on one page.

    fact four, “banjo” himself posted to the original thread, and therefore must know of it’s existance.

    fact five, Banjo called the people who posted in that thread, without provocation, “***holes”. although he “didn’t mean anything bad” by it – just howmany ways are there to interpret being called an “***hole”?

    fact six, this thread is a waste of space, as is Blake himself. MOD’s please, remove both.



    just got back and already trolling again i see… 😮

    but yah, this should be in the other thread, and certainly does not call for banjo being banned…



    but i wish that the forum could constitute a little more intelligence than is seen in posts like these
    (although some are informative…but mostly not)
    if your gonna talk about something that is in another thread ……use that thread to express your views , Don’t just start another topic to get noticed
    before evryone else who actually posted in the right thread……..
    this stuff is just nonsense…



    and don’t have so many elipses… they are so not cool… get what I mean…. I hope?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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