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    I am inventing a new trilogy (no, it’s not Bluntman’s ClockTower…). It is called: Superhero MegaWave. It features:

    James (Orange Smooth Hair, some racer’s head, White top with pockets and collar and Grey Legs)

    Bill (Black Smooth Hair, Stunt Man head, Harry Potter’s casual shirt and green legs)

    George (Brown Smooth Hair, Moustache Head, Ron’s Aragog shirt and white legs)

    All have custom capes…



    Sounds good, I await the finished film. Since you got someone complimenting the idea, go ahead and film it! Lets see what you can do!



    Well sounds good but i am tired of people announcing films..and i really dont care about what you do cause its just copying other peoples ideas and making a flame war.



    In exactly WHAT way am I copying someone’s idea HERE?!?



    Weirdears, have you ever heard the fable about the boy who cried wolf?
    it has an important message taught in it’s moral.



    Yes, but that has nothing to do with the film. You’ll never see Steve, Dave and Bob in a WeirdEars film EVER AGAIN!



    LOL. In your case, that moral heavily applies.

    And I like your sig, even though it doesn’t seem to be true.




    If only people would FINISH their announced movies. Gnarr!

    I am so annoyed by all those kids announcing their kickass, 1337 movie (TM). And after a while, they proudly present the canceling of their kickass, 1337 movie (TM), to anounce an even better film.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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