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    I wanted to wait until the results were announced, but that is just taking too long, in my opinion.

    Let me know what you think!

    EDIT: if watching the film leaves you confused (for example, because you don’t know French), you can get some more information, including a translation, at il était midi.





    Wow Wandrer, i loved this, it was smooth, the music was nice, not exactly what i like but it went well, I liked how u used the big mouse it looked cool, and overall i give this a 9/10 i would of given it the ten if i woulda like the song better, but o well very good job!



    kind of a scary film-noir.
    les dames de paris were great when they popped out especially.




    WOOH YEAH! A NEW YELLOWHEAD STUDIOS FILM! Great animation, wanderer!


    Mr. Less


    so heres what i get, theres a mouse who lives in a church singing, and one young nun watches her sing. The only thing ididn’t get was why there was a shot of a clock.

    EDIT: I don’t know french Bob!



    “idiotless568” wrote:

    why there was a shot of a clock.

    il est midi :roll


    Shootin Bricks

    Great- as usual, Stefan.
    I wish I’d read the lyrics first- I was really lost the first 3 times I watched it.

    I think you did a good job of trying to convey the spirit of the song, my only problem was with the perception of scale. No matter how many times I watch it, I can’t shake the impression that this giant mouse is terrorizing those poor women… I realize that was why you had the clip of the girl looking through the mousehole and that you were limited by a 30 second clip, but I still can’t shake that image 🙂

    I hope you win!
    What a pretty little song!



    A bit strange, but it looked well thought worked out.



    HOLY CRAP! That was freaky! But also cool. But now i’m scared! What type of cooked up mind you running there Wanderer2?!

    Anyways I only understood about 10 words.

    Thats was awesome though!



    This is a great animation.

    The establishing shot of the mouth confines to a space no one knows how large. After the clock has ticked we meet the mouse (a very well built creation) who sings. The timing for the mouth movement is excellent-and there’s even a tongue to stress syllables.

    There’s some other things I noticed while watching:

    The clock shot is set up nicely, but on the first few viewings, I thought the hand was moving in a broken clock, as the 11 almost meets the 12 from the angle of the camera. The animation here says it is a clock, but seeing it took some time.

    The revealing of the mouse throughout the short is akin to showing pieces of a monster through a horror movie. We see the mouth first, then the head, head and torso, tail, THEN we get to see what he is doing (which is crucial to the song and end of the film). You build up a nice presence with the mouse in the wall in such a short time.

    When the lady finally bends over, we know this isn’t some large lethal rat the size of a wall. It might have been nice to make the mouse look smaller by making something that can be scaled-a book, roll of toilet paper, eye glasses. The hanky on the wall threw the sense of scale off (and the space that had been so claustrophobic opens up within a wall-which is ironic).

    The whole short is awesomely animated and fits the song well. The claustrophobia is top notch, and this film only left me with a few questions:

    1. Did the lady get up because she was afraid the others might see her listening to the mouse?
    2.Are the ladies that enter the ladies of Paris?
    3.Are the garments the ladies wore sewn by the mouse?


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