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    Josh Bloomer

    Hey all, just wanting some advice on creating an ocean. Should I do it in LEGO or in 3D? After all, this is a brickfilm and the majority of it should be LEGO but I think a CG ocean will be easier to create, animate, and may turn out more beautiful. If I choose to do it in LEGO, I’ll need a vast majority of trans-blue LEGO pieces. So what would you rather see in a brickfilm? The more realistic but non-LEGO ocean in cannedgravy’s LEGO Pirates or the ocean Forrestfire101’s LEGO Justice League made of blue LEGO?



    I think lego would be nicer 🙂



    Use blue sand? I know some people have tried doing that.



    It’s up to you really and what theme you’d like to go with. I think doing it in CG is more difficult, unless you have a powerful computer then I say go for it. Brickfilming is an art. It’s up to you what you do and experiment 🙂


    Mark Mejia

    This is one of my ordeals as as well.

    I’m actually about to try out a blue cellophane paper role and pillow stuffing for wake and other water effects.
    Once I get my PC upgraded with some parts and I test film, I will let u know how it went.

    What are you gonna do? I’d be interested how the CG turns out…



    Yeah, me too. Share it with us after you’ve decided on what to do Josh. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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