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    zane eastwood

    The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival is hosting the “Built By Me” LEGO Movie Contest.

    What Could you win?

    Grand Prize is 25k and your short being played on-air!

    What are the rules?

    You must own the showing rights of everything in your film
    You must use some LEGO bricks
    It must be in English

    For more detailed rules please read this. Official Rules and Regulations

    Think you’ve got what it takes?

    Enter Here



    The 25K is to be put toward making a new short for Lego? Darn, and I though I had college paid for. Oh well, I think I’ll enter for the publicity of it all anyway. Making a short for Lego FTW!

    Thanks for posting this zane!



    It might be worth linking directly to the Nicktoons rules and regs (or at least checking them every now and then) because I think they’re going to change soon. At the moment they say that the second prize winners will receive an identical prize to the first prize winners, which can’t be right.

    Interesting competition though.



    Interesting. I will consider entering.




    Wow, that’s crazy. 🙂

    But 25k towards making an animation? Hmmm…. that sounds like a lot of work. *Laugh*

    That probably means we’d be going up against professionals, right?


    Nicktoons is also having a generic animation festival. The rules are less strict in that one: … ival.jhtml



    Wow, that’s cool. Thanks for posting this.
    Hahaha I bet Smeagol will enter.



    I heard about this yesterday and was going to post it but yeah, I thought there was nobody left here so I didn’t post it here.

    And btw, you don’t HAVE to make it a brickfilm,
    it’s an animation contest, not a brickfilming contest.



    “benji_monji” wrote: And btw, you don’t HAVE to make it a brickfilm, it’s an animation contest, not a brickfilming contest.

    Actually, there are a few contests. This contest in particular is a lego contest.

    The animation contest itself can be any medium. It’s a $30k prize. 😀



    Yes – It’s somewhat confusing. There are multiple contests. The “Built by Me” is a Lego animation contest which must use Lego bricks. It has a 25k prize. There’s also a generic animation festival with a 30k prize.




    Pardon the double post.

    I read through the rules, and you don’t actually get 25k if you win. You get 25k, but you have to use it to create another animation short for Nicktoons. So I can’t just go and use it for college. I have to use it to create a short film for Nicktoons.

    Also, when you submit your film, if you win, they own the film. They own all the rights to distribution. They own all the characters and the storyline. They can also publish your personal information.

    Also, there is a time limit of 2 minutes.

    That kind of stinks.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 75 total)

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