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    This is an open call for music to accompany an animated movie called “No Limits”.

    I am seeking an individual or a group of individuals who wish to create an instrumental composition for this year’s FIRST LEGO League (FLL) challenge animation. You can see last year’s movie at You can see this year’s teaser at

    Here are the important points:

    1) One theme for the introduction and credits. Should be about 1:30 to 2:00 long.

    2) Background music using the same theme for the rest of the movie. A happy version and a version with tension. Each selection should loop reasonably well and be 30 seconds or longer.

    3) Composition must be completely original. Derivative works cannot be considered.

    4) Composition should be supplied electronically as a WAV, MP3, MIDI or other agreed upon format. MIDI is preferred as minor tempo changes could be made to match the animation.

    5) The author(s) retain copyright of the music.

    6) FIRST maintains exclusive use of the music as connected to the “No Limits” movie. This will include but may not be limited to:

    6.1) One time viewing at 50 to 100 competitions worldwide.

    6.2) Web distribution of the movie starting in February.

    6.3) Sale of the movie on DVD as a fundraiser for the non-profit.

    6.4) Possible broadcast on TV.

    6.5) Future showings for FLL promotional purposes.

    7) Your name(s) in the credits in the same size font and for the same durations as the voice actors and producers. Can include a copyright notice as well as an email address. A website address will only be included if the site’s content is appropriate for 9 to 14 year olds.

    8.) Your name(s) on the “Making of” webpage at This could include a short biography and a link back to your own site (if content appropriate).

    9) Author(s) will receive drafts of the script and scenes as soon as they are available.

    10) We will give you as much freedom to compose as possible, but the music must compliment the animation. Therefore, a rough draft must be presented early on as a sanity check.

    11) The due date for the music would be late October.

    12) Payment of two hundred USA dollars.

    Those parties interested should reply to Skye Sweeney at for further details.






    Is it okay music sounds are composed on a keyboard. What I mean to say as keyboards of different voices you can choose would that work. And do you want a paticular style of music such as Symphonic.



    I do not have a paticular type of music in mind. A few pieces I have considered are:

    Just about anything by George Winston.
    Avril 14
    I can See Clearly Now
    The Four Seasons by Vivaldi.

    Most of these are soft reflective piano pieces. But I would be looking for help in
    matching music styles to the animation. It may be what I really need is a rap or
    funk, or even disco!

    Keyboard compositions would be fine. I would need then recorded in high fidelity or
    better yet, supplied as a MIDI as I mentioned.



    Do you have a clip to show me what you want. What I mean to say what kind of feeling you want in a certain scene. Just a sample to see what I might be able to come up with for a scene.



    A clip of audio or video?

    If you want video, you can see the teaser here:

    If you want audio, look to your imagination! I am not a musician. I can play a
    few instruments, but I am not gifted at creation!

    If you are refering to the samples I like, you can find Avril 14 in the movie
    The Family posted here in the movie section. The Vivaldi, you can hear at any
    good classical midi website. George Winston is tough. You would have to go to
    a music store to listen.



    I’m more of a symphonic and jazz composer. Just to let you know so I don’t know how it would work if I did funk or disco but I could try.



    I would like to add that if someone submitted a midi file to you, then actual sound of the work would rely entirely on what voices your soundcard had loaded. Different sound cards play midi in very different ways. I think the process of describing which voices should be used and getting them loaded on your computer would be more cumbersome than simply having the composer change his composition to suit.

    Is the film finished yet? It’s about a billion times easier to compose music for a film if you have the film to work with.



    “RevMen” wrote: It’s about a billion times easier to compose music for a film if you have the film to work with.

    A billion times? yet i agree! The last two films i worked on is film, then music. Both ways will be cool.




    Thank you for the warning on the MIDI voice ‘thing’. I was aware of the problem,
    but forgot about it when writting the post. The quality of a midi can be drastically
    different based on the source of the GM or other voices.

    So perhaps I should simply ask for a wav or mp3 and warn the author we may
    need tweeks at the last minute!

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