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    Ok, how can I do this? I know how to film the first part where Double O Zero jumps on this guy and starts to clobber him. The part I’m not sure how to film is where it shows the outside of the building and you can hear the guy getting clobbered. Then the window shadders and he falls out from the third floor into a pond. 😯 How can I do this?



    Umm… not sure how to make the window shatter, but I do know how to do a falling effect if you don’t have a bluescreen effect. Take one of those lego bricks with a hole in them and use them for where your fig is going to fall. Then put two pegs from the Lego Crazy Inventions Pack or anywhere else and stick them on the lego fig’s feet. Then, stick the other end of the peg in the one of the holes. Film. Then repeat the last step until you reach the end of your falling animation.



    you might be able to find a solution to the shattering glass in the FAQ section of the forum, under special effects questions:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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