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    Ello Chaps!,

    I was wondering if any of you could (or already have)make a tutorial for panning shots.


    Joseph Propati

    I haven’t made a tutorial yet but I plan on doing a brickfilm that has to use panning and what I plan on doing is the following:

    1. Make a base for the camera/webcam that has a four wheel base using the small lego wheels.
    2. Make a track that will fit the base and the wheel, plus use lego base plate in the track so the camera base will roll on it.
    3. The small wheels will be using the lego stub gaps. So what I will do is every time I move the base one gap I will take a shot, then move the base to the next lego stub gap and take a shot, etc… This way I have a perfect spacing between each shot and will keep the same level for each shot.
    4. Just keep moving the base along the track from gap space to gap space taking shots and you have a nice panning effect.
    When I finish my video I will post it as a tutorial.



    A good idea is to use the Lego city train.

    Get a few straight tracks and lay them in the direction you want the panning effect to go. Then use the base of the train to hold the camera/webcam in place, like Joseph Propati suggests, and away you go! Useing the pegs dose give a very good effect, but for the times you want the panning to be, say, slower than the object your animating (a car for example) or faster, this method gives you a great deal more precision.

    Also, the tracks could be set in a circle around the object (more a semi circle, so the tracks in front wont be in the shot). Put this effect around two mini figs fighting to create a fast, action like effect to you movie.
    Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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