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    sorry about this question from a newcomer, using a lego cam which saves as avi , i wont to modify some of the frames in photoshop but photoshop does not appear to support avi , what should i change the file to and what simple program will do it


    Videomach. It can convert many different file types to many others. It is pretty simple even though it seems complicated at first. I suggest creating a seperate folder to save the frames in. Select the output as .jpg, and you will be good to go. Cheers! Oh, don’t be sorry. We all asked these questions at one point.

    Here is a link.



    If you also have Premiere, you can export the AVI to a filmstrip file. Photoshop will open this as one long sequence of frames in a strip. Then you can scroll up and down through the film, making the necessary changes. If you have a recurring change from frame to frame, you can select a part of a frame and use SHIFT+DOWN-ARROW to “nudge selection” which will move the selection to the exact same place in the next frame.

    You may want to export only 3 or 4 seconds at a time to filmstrip because the images will get huge (width=film’s dimensions, height=film*number of frames plus a few pixels to seperate the frames) and this may slow down your computer.

    When finished, save to filmstrip and then re-open it in Premiere to export back to AVI.

    — mrgraff



    I’d like to point out that .jpg is not the best possible format to use while editing. That’s because it’s lossy, and is not quite good with edges (which are often the most important for editing). A better format, that is undoubtedly supported by Photoshop, is .png (Portable Network Graphics), which is lossless (i.e. all quality is preserved).




    Normally, there is a second soft that comes with Photoshop 7.
    It’s called ImageReady and is more dedicated to web publishing (image maps, web optimization…). However, it can import AVI as frames. I will try it and give you my feedback.

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