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    Is the site re-design going to be like this, where you can access forum features like polls or read forum announcements and what not…? Just a question O_O



    From what I’ve heard, no, not really. It does use php though, and databases. But for the most part, not really much like PHP-Nuke.



    PHP websites = da bomb lol
    Database = MYSQL, with a chmod value of 0777 to allow anyone to write, execute, and read it 🙂 lol




    Actually (someone correct me if I’m wrong), I do not believe you can “chmod” a MySQL database. However, you can chmod files on your server.

    And anyone can write, execute, and read a database – as long as the owner gives them all permission. Almost all database driven sites allow users to do all of those.

    You do have to be careful when chmodding some files on a server though, because if someone finds a hole in your security…

    BTW anytime you have a webbased editor, protect it with an htaccess if its not password protected. I found some Chinese website that I was able to go into and edit whatever I pleased from their editor. I simply warned them about the vulnerability and went on my way. The moral of the story – you’re not going to get off easy if you don’t take the precautions. I myself have just recently realized many problems with my own site in terms of security. God I could have seriously been F****d.



    (btw, i know my php and phpbb)… i have my own company



    And we care why?

    Oh, and so do I.

    Plus how is yours a company?

    EDIT: god I better stop before this turns into a

    Someone – please lock this



    like the smilies 🙂 also, i dont care about your companies, i have a “FORUM” COMPANY… click teh link :roll

    trust me, i know my stuff



    so it’s a company where you set up intentionally-easy-to-install forums for retards and then add what you dubiously[1] call “hacks” to them?

    Edit[1]: Spelling

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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