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    Well here it is… Pirates
    Comments Please 😀 (I know about the camera bumps) (I can’t help it)


    Waldune Media

    Downloading right now Dun DUn DUn dunnnn.. Lol 🙂

    After: lol funny very funny animation was a bit jerky but great 😆 Sets 😆 Niice I think it will get into the directory for snizlle see ya@!



    Thank you, anyone else think it will get in the directory?



    You need to change your voices and use a better mic. Overall, pretty nice film and I didn’t really notice any set bumps.



    Nice film! (I love pirates!) I thought that shark eating the guys head was pretty funny. Also, it seems like it was intended but the captains sword jiggling while he talked was nice. It made him look like he was quivering with excitment.
    Yeah, it would have been nice to have different voices for the characters but you represented who was taking very effectively.

    (I love comedy…) The whole thing about “from here it’s four steps into the stream. Ok, now we cross it…” was also funny and made me chuckle.

    So, overall a 😆 film. – RC



    this is definately not a directory worthy film, its way too short, not a bad movie, just not a particularly great one…



    Very well done. Some aspects you might want to think about working on:

    Set Bumps:

    Maybe try putting your camera on a more stable foundation. It was very bumpy.

    Voice Acting

    I could hear just enough to understand what was going on. Try and get a diffrent mic or perhaps try and record several times to see what you find most satisfying.

    Other than these things, your film was magnificent!


    Matt Gillan

    This was an alright film. There wasn’t much to it. Animation was okay but I don’t think it will get into the directory because of the lack of effort put into the film.


    Spitfire Studios

    I turned off Jilted John for this?

    Its not that bad. Took a while to download.

    I loved the sets. The song at the end was kinda “off”. But it was great.


    Orion Productions

    That was pretty good. As mentioned before, the voices were hard to understand. The brick ripples in the water were a nice touch, and made it seem more liquid-like.

    Animation was okay but I don’t think it will get into the directory because of the lack of effort put into the film.

    “Lack of effort” seems a bit harsh. For all you know, he could have spent days on this. Result isn’t directly related to the effort put into it. For example, a professional baseball player can hit harder, faster, and more accurately than most people. Does that mean he’s trying harder? Nope. He just has more skillz

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