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    Steven Studberg

    I’m curious to know what FPS most Brickflmers shoot at. Post your FPS number here!



    Most shoot at 15fps.

    I shoot at 24fps because of action scenes. Shooting at 24fps is a silly thing to do.



    I shoot 15FPS and 30FPS. It depends what’s going on. 6:66PM will use both frame rates.



    I shoot solely at 15fps. I can’t handle the time required to shoot at anything higher, it doesn’t seem worth it. Errol is insane.



    I shoot at OVER 9000 fps! heehee, not really. I am at 20 fps, people say it’s odd, but so am I so it fits together.



    I generally shoot at 15FPS, but I’ve experimented with 24FPS as well. Made for some really nice animation tests.


    Steven Studberg

    I normally use 24 fps, but now, for some reason, MonkeyJam is glitched on my PC and is speeding up the video like crazy.


    Max Butcher

    How many people ask us this question?

    My answer: Varies. I animate what I animate. A few seconds later, I do the first playback. If its smooth enough at 15 fps, I leave it at that for the rest of the shot. If its a bit blocky, I increase it higher.

    I have done many tests with 25 and 30 fps. 30 is as high as my Capture software will go, and its a pain to animate. I only ever animate at 30 fps if I have gone a little loopy or exactly the opposite.

    Idealy, heres how you should Go. For people Just talking: 15 fps is high enough, do any more and you will get REALLY bored.
    For action and maybe some talking: 25 fps is great for action scenes. A test I’ am really impressed with is a Lightsaber duel at 25 fps.
    For Cars, veicles, really sweet fights, or (If you have gone loopy) some Talking: 30 fps is the Daddy.

    What I would reccomend: 25 fps. Its the brige between 15 fps and 30 fps. 15 fps is easy to animate whilst 30 fps is mindblowingly awesome. 25 fps is in between. Those who refuse to animate above 15 fps; GIVE 25 FPS A TRY! You might find its better!






    Stevie Collins

    Personally, I think 15 FPS is the only good smooth ting you get animating with LEGO. So 15.

    -Stevie Collins

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