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    Hi everyone (Jason in particular),

    being more and more annoyed by the voluminous images and signatures appearing in the last few weeks along with other spam in the brickfilms forums I think we need clear size limits for signatures/images in these forums.

    I post this, because today I realized that Bob Page’s signature is 274kB, which more than I would allow for a average website! I think we should stick to avatars of max 5kB, which can still sum up to quite a few kB in longer topics but put a clear size (points by points AND filesize) limit on banners in signatures or disable pictures in signatures at all, which I would prefer due to better readability.

    Please comment on this. I think it time to take some action to keep this board a usefull source to all brickfilmers.





    *Goes to check filesize on his avatar*

    It’s only about 3 k!

    Comeon people, my pic looks fine! And its only 3 k!

    Get with the fad, here!




    the problem seems to me the signature, not the avatar…

    Even if you have a limit of 100 chars for it, you can theorically use a link to a bitmap image several mb big.

    So let’s start to speak about images in signature!




    I think 10 KB is a good size limit for signatures. I also do not want to have to load huge sigs.

    Everyone, please limit your signature size, or I will disable images in signatures.




    wait so how many chars are allowed for sigs, it still says 100, or did u not up it… i would like it to be uped to about 200 chars, cuz everything i wana add is too big for 100 usually levelin at about 150-170



    Ok, ok. I will make a new banner just for you, Brickbrock. But please stop crying!

    Bob Page


    Lews Therin

    I don’t see what’s so wrong…it pretty much downloads instantly…Far as I’m concerned, it’s pixel size rather than kb size that bugs me in sigs..


    Brian of Gep

    And you have Broadband, no?
    Think of the less fortunate souls…



    I have broadband and it does download quickly. The problem I face is I’m usually using a somewhat unpowerful laptop and that animated gif just kills my video. It’s easy to tell when there’s a Bob Page post in a thread because my screen scrolls verrryy slowwwly



    I like my signature, I have yet to see another one like it on the internet. 🙂

    If I am making a short post without a lot of data, I normaly leave it off.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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