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    Im just toying with an Idea, To make a brickfilm in space, on a space station/ship.

    Now, I will dont like doing CG or Digital FX. I like to do as much as possible on set. And I wanted to toss ball with you on how to do things “old school” or in practical effects. I tried to search for “how to film a space scene” But it was less than helpfull. Do you have a take on the following?

    Endless background, Is it harder if the background is simply black.

    Flying things;
    Atatched to rods or wire? Can these be used without actually showing?

    Animation in strange gravity, Less gravity – no gravity?

    Robots Mechanics Movment;
    How to mimic artifichial movement.

    Dolly rigs and other aids to consider?



    Robotics mechanics Movement:
    A heawy machine would have bobbing in its slowed movement, perhaps longer reaction time. Machines wiothout a advanced AI wil not waste movement in gestures.

    Animation in strange gravity;
    In ligth gravity movements are more easy, but also harder becasue one are so much stronger. The slow moving is a nesseseary trick to stay in contoll unless one have something to weigth one down. yes? Would a good way to represent thins in a minifig walk be to lift the legs more, swing the amrs more, yet move slower?

    Hiding rods & wire;
    Yes this can be done in photoshop 🙂 but can it be done without? The trouble meing unless the collour of the rod/wire matches the black background it will show and spoil the illusion. There is also the possible ligth reflection and shaddows to counter. If I painted toe roof black I could hang everything down and place the camera bellow, but I rent this place so thats a no go. 🙂

    Im still looking into Dolly DIYˋs
    Building one out of lego would be easy. For horisontal movement.



    Doing effects without the help of software would be very difficult and require lots of space… Here’s an article that I think you would find interesting as some of it deals with making things look like they’re done with special effects when in fact they are not:

    Let me think for a bit about how it can be done. Who knows? I might have my Eureka moment 🙂



    Awesome read, Exactly the kind of intuition-out-of-the-box-pratical kind of tjings I like 😛



    You’re welcome 🙂

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