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    It’s approximately 5 weeks before Rouge‘s deadline, and I’m noticing a few difficulties which would need to be overcome should I decide to make another Brickfilm. However, funds are limited so only one would have to be picked – but which one?

    Do I get –

    1.) Webspace? Get the funds together to buy some webspace and own domain name. Brickshelf’s OK as a temporary means, but 3 hours to download Loganart’s ‘What Not To Do . . . ‘ whilst using broadband is, frankly, unacceptable. 😡

    2.) Bricks? Lots of Bricks? 4000 pieces sounded a lot, but it’s not for Rouge. Especially the lack of a decent size baseplate . . . :roll

    3.) AlamDV2. Looks pretty funky, and I would think it’s a must-have for SPFX, such as blasters, lightsabers, etc. 8)

    So, what would you guys do in my situation?



    “op1studios” wrote:

    3.) AlamDV2. Looks pretty funky, and I would think it’s a must-have for SPFX, such as blasters, lightsabers, etc. 8)

    I think AlamDV2 would be most usefull (right now anyways) since you’re making a movie will special effects.



    It’s not brickshelf who is slow… it’s your internet connection! it takes me 10 minutes to download logan’s what not to do…. AND ON MY OLD COMP!
    my old comp is very slow
    what internet connection have you? is Videotron exist in the USA? cose i have Videotron ”haute vitesse” and it’s fast!

    and like bump500 just tell you… alamdv must be the first thing you’ll buy 😀



    you should look for a place with free S&H on brickshlef as to get it cheaper. look for bricks like this…


    Brian of Gep

    I wouldn’t buy ALAMDV2, if I were you.

    There’s plenty of high quality, free software on the net, than can do whatever you want it to.

    You just have to find it.



    yes but alam dv is increidbly easy to use! and if you buy 2 now you get 3 for free 😀



    “wandrer2” wrote: Conclusion: GET MORE BRICKS! You’ll never have enough, though 😉


    100% agree!!!

    FX are cool, but very difficult to balance.

    You can have a very nice script with story, gags and everything, but if you use special effets too often or too much you will waste all the good.

    Reading your post I am not sure if you need stuff to solve your fx or background/scenario problems.
    Anyway, I prefer an effect/scenario made with bricks to a digital one for many reasons:

    * You have to think to the best way to make it.
    * Makes the film more plain and “immersive”, because your senses have not to skip from one view of reality (lego shapes) to another (digital image or picture).
    * The “wow” effect of a good realized solution is higher and more gratifing than the one coming from chroma keying (a good use of this technique is not simple as supposed).


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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