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    • Joel is a shy young man. When his student film becomes a success, he defies his parents’ wish for him to become a lawyer and pursues his dreams in film making. With the inspiration of a mysterious woman, he rises to fame in the film industry. But then, at the peak of his career, Joel’s life goes awry when he suddenly loses inspiration. With his job on the line, Joel must go on a world-wide journey of a lifetime to regain that to him was so precious.

    Click on our sigbanners for any further details.

    We’re looking for better-than-average animators (you can compare your skills to the animators already in the project), model builders (good with Ldraw), and voice talents (see the casting thread that will be posted soon).

    We already have a music composer, so musicians, your service won’t be needed for this project.

    We demand a lot of devotion to this project. That means voice talents who will be punctual. That means animators that will give 100% or more of their skills into their work. If you cannot commit to this project, please say so now so that we don’t have any problems later on.

    Our private forum is what it is, PRIVATE. By joining, you are agreeing not link our private forum and chatroom to anyone else. We already had a leak once, that has since been corrected.

    Those who wish to join will be evaluated by the top writers of the project. All five of us will consider your worthiness to join. I’m sorry to say but your reputation does preceed you in our evaluation. Ultimately, I will decide whether to accept you and allow you into the private forum.

    This project is meant to have a live-action cinematic feel in stop-motion. That is why we’re demand model builders and top animators.

    PM/E-mail me.

    Edit: For the next day or so, I’ll be on jury duty, so Lord_of_the_LEGO will be taking questions, PM and emails.



    I just want to make it understood for those who may be confused. This is not an idea submitted to the CP like what people have been giving to Rev as of late. This is it’s own entity that a few of us are working on ourselves, with the possibility of your help.

    If you want to help, email/pm Lech or LotL. If for some reason they don’t respond to you soon enough; myself, (and I’m sure, but I can’t speak for) Mindgame and Dvondrake would be more than willing to answer questions you may have.



    Unless, of course, RevMen expresses interest with the project. :wink




    Attention all contributors of the project. Project-Divinity will be started up again in a week or so, once most of us have completed our academic quarter/semester and/or are entering the holiday season break. If you have voice recordings, please submit them ASAP.

    Please check into the private forum for any updates.



    Yay at last, I’m there!

    To the div cave (sorry MindGame had to nick that 😉 )




    Yes! I need to get to those voices now.



    Loopy Lancer

    just a little bump, but when do we have to get the voices in by?also, work the words”ahoy hoy” into the movie if I get a part.

    -Loopy Lancer, master of arriving late



    I think a PM would be better suited to your message 🙂




    Attention members of the project, Project Divinity is back from another hiatus.

    Major points to cover during this session:

    • Dialog revision[/*]
    • notes for animators who are involved in CGI integration scenes[/*]
    • female voice talents[/*]
    • and hopefully I can start on the storyboards I’ve promised months ago.[/*]


    i know how to morph peeps voices..if ya need sumone for dat 😀

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