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    Hello like most I have the Camera that came with the studios software and apart from the little mount thing that you can build with the studio set, has anyone attempted building anything better to do this job?

    The reason I ask is my other camera has just given up, and with funds being low (AT-AT release) I think a lot better mount can be made.
    One of the main problems with this camera is that there is no controlled zoom, up/down & left and right, I think with this it would make it a more interesting camera. Okay if you could fix the graininess this would be even better, but lets not get our hopes up.
    Any info on this would be great, controlled tilt & pan would be good also, size and sturdyness is a factor too.
    Let me know what solutions or problems you’ve have as I plan to have a go at building such a device to see if it’s possible, regards Marty

    Ps no computer control, all must be manual controls.



    Ok, here is my (hali’s) custom cam frame for my kodak dvc 325:

    Bluntman’s standard frame thing from his website:

    And finally bluntman’s special ‘cam-pan’ (even though it isn’t strictly a pan) module used in ‘blood of the wolf’:

    Hope that gives you some ideas!

    I know there are more around, so hopefully others will start to post their setups.




    Here’s mine

    and with the quickcam 4000 on it

    Sometime, the simplest, the better 😛 🙂


    The Janitor

    Thats really nice, Bob Page. i just built one just like it, and it works really nicely. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that…



    Great ideas! Have come up with a few ideas of my own, one being you can use the slider things from one of the small movie sets to fix the zoom problem, will have a picture of this up shortly also pan and tilt bracket has to be controlled otherwise it stuffs up the shot, will get back to you shortly when I’ve worked this out, Marty



    or get the notebook version of the quickcam 4000. its small and attaches to any notebook. it has too folding arms so you can attach it to legos. so you get the quality of a quickcam 4000 in compact form. i plan to get this cam. … nguageid=1

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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