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    Well, for the past week, I’ve been working on this tutorial which is not just for walking, but some other basic minifig animation such as running and monkey walking. I decided that Brickfilms needs an updated walking tutorial and I figured I would make one myself. I hope you will benefit from it.

    Here is the Link

    Hopefully this will help explain how to animate more efficiently. Please give me your feedback so I can maybe improve some of it. If any part is confusing, I can elaborate a bit to clear things up.



    Hay that looks pretty good, I might have to try the run cycle, that’s something I have never mastered.
    The article is pretty straight forward and easy to follow. Good work 🙂


    Matt Gillan

    Good tutorial, however, I thought that the running went way too slow and looked jerky due to the fact that he suddenly stopped for two frames. I would advise you to look at Nick Durron’s walk cycle because his eases in and out.

    Other then that it was great!



    Great job, but the running didn’t look realistic. It was too slow, and like Matt said, jerky when he stopped.

    *mumbles*I can’t believe I have to learn another walk cycle*mumbles*


    skull brick

    Looks awesome. The running was great. I’m not too good at running. Does anyone know the run cycle used in the Gauntlet?



    Nice; the run cycle was just what I needed.



    I have a monkey walk cycle that I believe looks okay, do you care if I plug it in there, or would you rather I make a new page?
    EDIT: http://squash.hostbrickmovies.com/Films/monk.avi
    It’s still about as fast, but I think it’s rather pleasing to look at.


    Nick Durron

    Nice tutorials, Qugibo. The 5 step walking method was essentially the same as Nos’, though. I was surprised at how good the 6 step walking looked played back at full speed, as I thought the minifig stayed in one position too long. The running was also good; I’ve been using this same method myself.



    I have a question:

    I read somewhere that the “secret” of disneys success in animation was their perfect walk cycle. And they used 24fps animation, with taking 12 pictures per second and using every frame twice. Now the key is, that each single human step exatly takes 0.5 second or here 6 frames. So the 6 frames walk cycle works perfectly good with 12 fps.
    But what about 15fps?
    Stand in the first frame, then 6 frames movement and stand in 8 and then 6 frames move stand in 15. So one would loose one frame per second. 15second walk would have 16 steps not 15…
    Im am asking that, because my animation skill is not the best, however when I use 15fps and force myself to be slow in animation the quality is much better than doing 12fps. But using a 6 frames walk is much to fast for 15fps. Any solution for that?

    And a comment about the run. Your run is very good from the side, but when you look at Jay Silvers Gauntlet run, where the legs of the minifig is only shown from the front or the back, the minifig leans forward very extremly and actually the guy is more throwing his legs backwards than actually forward. Which is wrong but looks better (in my oppinion).




    For making the cycle slower with a six frame walk: You could simply take two frames of the “Minifig is perfectly balanced in the middle.” frame.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 20 total)

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