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    How about give us ranks for posts, like any other regular forum

    Come on Revman, you can add them with a click of a….mouse 😆 So what do ya think?

    0-50 posts = new rank
    51-100 posts = new rank
    101-250 posts = new rank
    251-400 posts = new rank
    401-800 posts = new rank
    801+ = new rank

    example is above




    Jason got rid of these for a very obvious reason: people were posting just to get their rank up.

    We do not encourage people to have more posts, but to have informative posts. As these take longer to construct, there won’t be as many of them. Ranks give a false impression about people in these forums.

    If you like ranks, noone will stop you from posting as much as you like in all these other forums.

    We want to talk about our hobby. Talking should not get competitive, because quality will suffer. We’re all equal here, and everyone’s opinion counts.

    Stefan, who’s getting tired of all this force point/rank stuff.



    oo….er… ok .

    Cuz I was jsut thinking rev could make like Newbie, FIlmer, Experienced filmer and all.. i guess




    That would make Jay Silver a newbie and WeirdEars an experienced filmer 😉

    Well… perhaps not quite, but you get the idea.




    Exactly. There’s no need for ranks. People would be represented not on their actual experience, but by their number of posts (and with the new “community forum”, lots of people will be posting a lot more than others). The most we could have is for Revmen to hand out custom titles for the very experienced, contributing members of the community, but even that isn’t very necessary and probably shouldn’t be discussed until after Revmen is done with the site and all of the important stuff.

    Cometgreen, who finished with one really long sentence



    Um, Hali is a mod, so he’d get a MOD title…

    And Shootin Bricks… he’s a member… that posts…. lol

    What do you mean.?



    Then Hali would be a newbie

    Respected member..


    Brian of Gep

    I think the ranking idea is a great idea.
    I think the ranking being related to post count is a terrible idea.

    We should have custom titles or ranks,
    but have them be given out by RevMen,
    and sparingly.



    to get a few things straight… Hali’s not a Mod, he was the directory-Guy
    second, to borrow a section from an e-mail I recently sent Rev (on a completely different subject) –
    custom titles – now, the post count related titles were removed by Jason for a reason. This hobby, by it’s nature can and does attract young kids who, sometimes lack self control, so to stop the spamming to reach the next title, they were removed.

    I did then, and do now, agree with him in that decision… but mearly replacing them with nothing, and handing out the “respected member” title to the select few seemed to suck a little life and fun out of it a little.

    A few forums I have visited have had one, single, thread stickied to the top, where forum members, who, upon reaching a certain post count or “contributing member reputation” (not an obvious or notorious Spammer or troll) could post to the thread requesting either, a title from a set of predetermined custom titles, OR a custom title of their choosing (different methods from different forums, I don’t suggest both methods at the same time)

    Custom titles are fun, no question, and if properly mediated/controlled I
    think this can work well.

    (- end of lazy copy paste from email manuver)

    there are obvious problems with this method, mainly that of one of those “less mature of attitide” people constantly Nagging whovever is put in control of this responcibility, but perhaps the threat of a responce of equal “maturity” – such as the nagger being stuck with “nagging child” or something similar stapled under their name for a week or two till they learn their lesson… 😈

    I’m opposed to “ranks” that would promote a form of eliteism, but custom titles, handed out to those who “prove themselves” as a usefull, or entertaining community member, can add some fun.




    That’s what I was trying to get at. Revmen would be in charge of handing out custom titles sporatically. There’s no post count you have to reach, number of films you have to make, you just have to be considered a good member. It just kinda comes outta the blue.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 13 total)

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