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    I was watching Robin Hood: Men In Tights this morning because it was on comedy central. I got the idea that a Robin Hood: Men In Tights would be a cool lego movie. I was just wondering if anyone thought of making a Robin Hood: Men In Bricks movie or something like that? Because if I finish the movie I’m working on now, I might make it.



    i have never seen that movie. However, if you are proposing a project, then this should be in the “director’s project” forum.



    😀 I would love to see that movie in Lego! Its so funny, it would be great if you do it right of coarse. I think the hardest part will be to impliment the humor of the story in lego, with the minifigs it will be difficult.


    Brian of Gep

    Men in Tights has always been really, really funny to me.
    (Not only do I own it, I just watched again a week ago)

    I think that parts of it would be good in bricks.
    Short parts… I wouldn’t advise you to go about doing the entire film,
    or any nonsense like that. But doing some of it would be funny.

    I suggest the part that parodies The Godfather, as there is already a “clip” from The Godfather in the directory. (When he calls on… Uncle Luigi? something like that. When the sherrif is discussing how to terminate Robin)



    LOL. “I just got back from my dentist.”

    A really good bit you could do that would be very beneficial for your animating skills is the dance number. It would be tough, but something like that would really make you a better animator.




    Or the KILLER RABBIT from monty python and the holy grail!!! 😈

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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