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    ‘O. P. 1. Studios are proud to announce the release of the first teaser trailer for the forthcoming sci-fi comedy ROUGE SQUADRON. Principle photography is still continuing, with post-production due to start in August. The feature is due for release at the end of August.’

    OK folks, get it here – 4MB wmv file

    Enjoy, and please post comments below.

    – Lee (who’s glad he’s finally got it uploaded onto Brickshelf 🙂 )



    Cool! i’ve been waiting to see some stuff about this, downloading now, review to come…

    EDiT: Holy crap that was hilarious!! thats awesome dude, and a very funny trailer! well animation and stuff but most of all very very funny!!! :rofl

    Cant wait to see finished product



    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆



    hey um, could u make your movie into a .rm for me?

    here’s a program to convert it:



    Cant wait for the film!

    😆 😆 😆



    Looks and sounds good! Stereo sound effects, echo to emphasize on the kind of room we’re in and voices that don’t sound out of place!

    As for the visuals, am I correct in my suspicion that the panning and tilting were done in live-action? I thought I saw traces of interleaving there (the odd lines displaying a different frame than the even lines)

    Furthermore, during the animated part, either the camera or the set moved around quite a bit. In this particular scene it wasn’t annoying or distracting, but in others it might be…

    I liked the lighting, the extremely detailed newspaper (though a newspaper opening with news on a film isn’t much use, IMHO). Loved the self-reference in the bottom left corner!

    Focus seemed to be slightly off in some scenes, but this might be connected to the scene being live-action (that is – if I’m right).

    Sorry to be taking apart your film so thoroughly, but I recently bought a Panasonic MiniDV cam, so your film tells quite a bit about what I’ll be able to accomplish. It’s the NV-DS29EG, if you’re wondering.

    Finally, the music at the end kicked in at just the right moment. It’s clear that you’ve paid attention to the construction of this teaser! I’m getting curious about what the rest will be like.

    Looking forward to this film. This looks promising!





    🙂 Nice job dude. Can’t wait for the movie, hopefully it will be as funny as the trailer. Well, you mentioned changing the pitch and bass of the guy’s voice. What program do you use to do that? Thanks, and congratulations on a good sneak peak of your movie. Can’t wait

    Con/ulsion Studios



    “ConvulsionStudios” wrote: 🙂 Nice job dude. Can’t wait for the movie, hopefully it will be as funny as the trailer. Well, you mentioned changing the pitch and bass of the guy’s voice. What program do you use to do that?


    For Phones in the trailer there, my voice was only changed in pitch, then an echo added to make it sound ‘realistic’. The program used was Nero Wave Editor which came with Nero 5.5. I basically recorded a line from the script, then played with the ‘Transpose’ settings until I found Phones’ voice. For the echo, I played with the ‘Reverb’ settings until it sounded like a bathroom.

    – Lee



    “thedarksideoflego” wrote:
    😮 😮 😮 😮 Oh my gosh dude, that is the coolest camcorder in the world i sooo wish i could have one of those i need a drooling emoticon… i’ve been looking at that cam for over a year now, and i think comet loves it too, dude, you are so lucky![/code]

    Yep, the cast for Scene 12 are up early tomorrow to try shooting with that puppy! 8)



    😆 Looking forward to the movie!


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