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    kowarama skip

    Does anyone have a suggestion where I could get a rumble sound effect, you know like to one in almost every trailer? Somewhere beside K#@!*a


    You did check the Brickfilms resource page right? If you havn’t….you might want to..


    Brian of Gep

    Kowarama – nothing is wrong with using K**** (Or any other p2p network) for sharing sound effects and other such files. It is only when you get into pirating software, or downloading copyrighted music etc. that it becomes a problem.


    kowarama skip

    I’ve tried both of those, k**** and the resource page, they don’t have a rumble sound effect. I guess I will just create my own.



    maybe at or whatever it’s called



    try this star trek media site. they’ve got tons of sound effects. several low-rumble space ship type effects.



    Could you explain me in details what a rumble sound is (sorry, I’m French, and I don’t have a good definition for ‘Rumble’).
    I certainly have this kind of sound.
    BTW, once you’ve got a good old synth and you know how it works, you can do yourself a LOT of SFX.




    rumble would be a very low frequency sound.
    the sound of an avalanche in the distance, a dinosaurs footsteps, the very low frequency sounds of a large spacecraft moving slowly through space.

    and yes, you’re right… with a nice synth you can easily make these types of sounds.




    Edited out names of file sharing programs. I’d like to point out that these programs offer no means of determining what content is legal and what isn’t (probably 99% of what’s on there is under copyright).

    On a side note, I like to type in the word LEGO sometimes, and several films show up. Usually the Spite Your Face films, the 10-minute Star Wars recreation from years back, several other Star Wars shorts, Corporal Dan films (under various names), some Matrix shorts (without exception of bad quality) and, recently, Jay’s Rise of the Empire!

    With that out of the way, I’d like to get back on topic. Thomas Foote has been there, done that, before Lego animation ever entered our minds. He suggests on his site a program called Visual Orangator, which will more likely than not produce the sound you’re after. See

    the BricksInMotion website

    for more details and a download link. Haven’t tried it myself, but everything that Thomas recommends and that I did try once, is still in my collection of editing tools.




    Ok, I have ultra good sounds that I’ve synthetized myself using different top notch tools (filters, synths, samplers).
    Send me a private email and I’ll give them to you.
    See my mail in the profile.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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