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    In moving this to the Official Contests forum, I accidentally deleted this thread. Unfortunately, restoring the thread is not practical. Instead I have manually restored the important and most relevant posts from the Google archive. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.



    “saulgoode, on 17th Dec. 2006” wrote:
    Eventide and myself are holding a small contest in order to promote the use of the Theora video codec. The contest will be open-themed and all are invited to submit entries. There is no hardcore prohibition of copyrighted or trademarked material; though use of original creations or public domain works is encouraged.

    The rules are fairly few, but nonetheless important:

    • Submissions must be encoded using the Theora video codec. Versions are freely available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platform, though it will most likely be necessary for entrants to install the software as it does not come standard with those systems.
    • The film should not appear on the Internet in any other form than Theora-encoded video before the contest judging has been complete. Once the winners are announced, entrants are free to post their film in other formats.
    • Eventide will be in charge of deciding the winner and he will be forming a panel of judges composed of a variety of people. He will be providing more details about how this is to be handled in this thread presently.
    • There are two prizes being offered for the contest:

      [list]A final draft script of the film “The Empire Strikes Back” autographed by George Lucas, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness, Frank Oz, Kenny Baker, Billy Dee Williams, Pete Mayhew, Dave Prowse, and George Hull.

    • A revised, first draft script of the film “Gladiator” autographed by Ridley Scott, Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, and Connie Nielson.


    • There will be both a winner and a runner-up selected. The winner will be offered first choice of the two prizes and the runner-up is award the unselected prize.

    Hopefully, I covered all of the necessary details; Eventide will be weighing in sometime soon with his plans for judging and shed a little light on what his expectations of a winning brickfilm might be.



    “saulgoode, on 18th December 2006” wrote:
    [quote=”An Old Ore”]Are they dead tree copies?

    They are not handwritten upon parchment if that is what you mean. They are fairly plain printouts on A4 paper that would appear to have been printed using a laser printer. The signatures appear in black marker on the cover page. I am satisfied that the autographs are authentic based on my searching for samples on the Web, though there is no documentation to provide definite proof. The scripts were purchased as part of a collection on E-bay from an established seller with an excellent feedback record.

    Whether or not these are worthwhile prizes is up to the individual to decide. I thought them appropriate for a film-making contest and the shipping costs will not be so dear to me as might be those of more substantial prizes.

    Mrgraff, to the best of my understanding, installing the capability to play Theora films is no more difficult than for RealMedia, QuickTime, or any other codecs that work using DirectX 9 filters (Mac users may need to install the VLC player; I am not sure how codecs are handled in MacOS). It is hoped that the challenge of installing such capability will prove beneficial beyond the scope of the contest.

    Anyone who does take on the challenge of installing Theora and experiences difficulty is welcome to post in this thread; we shall try to resolve any problems as soon as possible.

    Eventide has produced a Theora version of his brickfilm “A New Computer” which might serve as a good test sample after you have completed your installation. The film is available in a 360×240 (3 megabyte) version and a 720×480 (12 megabyte) version.[/quote]



    “saulgoode, on 18th December 2006” wrote:
    [quote=”RevMen”]Can films be used for more than one contest, provided they still follow the Theora-only guideline?

    That would be fine. Non-web sharing of films is permitted in any format and for any reason. Prior posting on the Internet for whatever reason is also permitted, but limited to the Theora format. For web-based postings, you might wish to include a notice that there is a temporary prohibition from publishing in a different format so that the actions of third parties do not result in a disqualification. Were such a transgression to occur, it would not automatically result in disqualification; but there is that risk.

    “mrgraff” wrote: [quote=”saulgoode”][*]The film should not appear on the Internet in any other form than Theora-encoded video before the contest judging has been complete. Once the winners are announced, entrants are free to post their film in other formats.

    That’s a bit strict, isn’t it?

    If I submit an entry for judging, it’s quite simple to determine if I actually used the Theora format. But forcing others to install the codec too, if they want to view contest entries is not cool. Imagine if the forums were viewable in any browser, but only a specific one could access the sign-up page.

    And this isn’t the same as saying that not installing Real Player also limits my exposure to films unless the director makes multiple versions. This is a contest and it has the potential of many entrants, but restricting the release options, IMO, significantly reduces the rest of our community’s participation.

    Disqualifying an entry that doesn’t exist in Theora format is fine, but I urge you to reconsider the rest of that rule.[/quote]

    I have reconsidered Mrgraff’s objection and have decided to make the following concession:

    • A trailer (up to 30 seconds in length) for each submission may be released in any format the director wishes.




    So who else is planning on entering?



    We will be providing details on how to submit TTC entries sometime in the next week or two. I apologize for not having the information ready sooner but I wished to discuss things with RevMen first and he (and his staff) have been preoccupied with the server relocation.

    Xiph QuickTime Components has recently been released (and available free) which provides OGG Theora support for Apple’s iMovie or other QuickTime-based programs (even the Windows ones).


    RP Hoogle

    “Smeagol Studios” wrote: So who else is planning on entering?

    I was really hoping to get The Suitcase into this but with an actor dropping out and the fact I’m a slow animator isn’t helping. I might manage to finish it but I will probably not.



    Just a reminder that submission deadline is less than a month away and a small picture of saulgoode’s prizes:

    Good luck!


    RP Hoogle

    Aww this is torture 🙁 I won’t have enough time to finish mine. Good luck everyone.



    So there is no maximum length for entries?

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