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    Okay, this guy with a mac makes awesome cgi (and live action movies, and cartoon, and…dunno what one of em is.) movies. Be sure to see Secret Agent Bob the movie. And Space Fish!

    Here’s the link:




    Their site sucks, the files are way to large and the movies are to short for it and you can’t download then so, you have to wait for a to long time so the movie get loaded.
    For the time that you have to wait it’s not worth to see, the movie are a bit funny but they looks very cheap made and does not contain any realy special talents.

    Ohh, I’m not nice. That’s because I hate non user friendly media websites.



    That’s right, T. The films link should be clear and out in the open, and the dl information should be readily available. Otherwise, your gonna scare a lot of people off.

    Back on topic, if that was off topic… I don’t have time to look at that now, my web stuff is giving me grief due to my total lack of experience, but I’ll be back later.




    What are you talking about T? OK, the size of the films are to big, but you can’t say that they don’t have any talent in them. The graphics were almost as good as computer games.


    Brian of Gep

    Graphics quality shouldn’t have anything to do with talent…

    It’s what it’s a picture OF…



    you need talent to creat graphics



    “Ferder” wrote: you need talent to creat graphics

    No talent, just time.
    Everyone can create great graphics by reading some tutorials.
    So thats no talent, you just need a lot of time.



    No, you need talent to make the graphics look good, and not just quality wise. You can have the best textures at your disposal, but if you can’t model, it’ll look like crap. Similarily, you can have the best models at your disposal, but if you can’t texture it, it’ll look like crap.

    Anyway, spoilers ahead.

    I don’t know why this is posted on Brickfilms, but I’ll review it anyway. It was pretty good. The animation could have been touched up on, but as said earlier, the graphics were good. They did indeed look like computer game graphics. The faces were modeled quite well. It’s just in the animation of the running and fighting that needed work.

    The story was all right. Kinda funny, but not hilarious. Some of the stuff has been done before, but it at least provided a different take on them.




    “T” wrote: and you can’t download them

    actually T….
    if you do a search on your pc
    you select search by date
    select between.
    and then type that days date in BOTH fields…….
    click find/go/search…..
    select sort files by type…..
    look under mpg/mpeg…..
    and there you go…..
    the thing that a movie site doesnt want you to know…..

    like the server thing it leaves an IMPRINT on you hard drive until you manually clear the cach…..
    and that takes way to long to explain so…….
    there now you know how to do it……….. 😎


    Wow. Pretty sneaky Proteus. How did you figure that out?

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