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    Hey everyone i think now is a good time for everyone to set goals to have accomplished by this time next year… Try to set goals such as making a longer movie, filming at a higher framerate, and just becoming an all around better brickfilmer, the list just goes on… 😀

    So take some time to come up with your goals, post them here, and this day next year we’ll bump this back up and see how you’ve done! 8)

    Now remember to try your hardest to accomplish these goals, so dont set something you wont put your effort toward. So set them now and try to accomplish them to the best of your abbilities! Let’s go for it!

    (I will set my own soon, after i have more time to think up mine 😛 )



    My goals are to:

    Finish Violent Manners and make it my best movie ever!

    uhhh… Well that’s a short term goal.. Long term goal… Eh…… Play in the NHL lol (couldnt think of anything lego related)..



    Well, I want to have a steadier hand when I hit the take picture button on my camera. 🙂



    I hope to build contacts with other AFOLs with a view to mooching some of those cool train dioramas for use as sets. Have you seen some of those towns? Amazing!

    Also, I plan to get to grips with the CGI side as some of the things I have in my head would be very difficult to do with traditional stopmo.

    Finally, over the last couple of days, I came up with an interesting idea for OOT II and III. By the end of III we should come full circle and find the guys older, yet strangely not that much wiser. I’m hoping to get them both done before the end of the year.



    Im new, so my goal should be to finish my debut (Is it the right word for first movie, in english?) movie and better make it good! 😀
    Also I should buy a quickcam pro4000 and some better editing prog… 🙂




    Well, my goal is to make a 140 minutes long movie, the title is “Blade Runner”
    I want to make it fully cgi.

    I’ll need another 5 years to complete this, but I got the time and i know when I finnaly start with shooting, I’ll finish it.

    Why 5 years?

    Because this is gone look PERFECT!!



    Actually, my goals are oriented toward the community aspect of animation. I’ve had an increasing interest to see where everyone comes from-someone brought this up before-a map would help outline where everyone is. I thought I would start it over break, but instead I animated for the Chicken Dance. I am still interested in making a map displaying where we all are-it’d be fun!

    As for animation wise, to complete anything before Brickfest is ridiculous. I am graduating college this semester (one more month), then it’s home to find a job (and an animation space which is decreasing as we speak). I won’t have access to the tools I have here at college, so it will be in my interest to work hard enough to earn what I am now used to. 😛

    I wholly intend to go to Brickfest, and have even made some preliminary plans. I intend to get audience feedback for all of the animations again using my now old VHS-C camera. (Of course, I get to hang out with Doug James and any of the other animators that happen to be there-Jason-up for lunch? :P)

    My website will be updated gradually so I can take all of my movies off of Brickshelf-it’s a great service-but why bog it down? I’d love to see a director’s directory around (would go great with the world map) and would be willing to help anyone working on such a project.

    Operation: Annihilate and Dented are in my head waiting to be filmed. I am bogged down with my thesis at the moment-we’ll see how much of this comes true in a year-it’s like writing those letters to yourselves. I just got one the other day from myself. We had a freshman seminar where we had to look deep into ourselves and write what we thought would happen in the future. Alas, I still play with legos-I am able to predict the future.

    Off-Topic: I would like to see more women in the animation community.



    Mr. Less

    I hope to make several movies that don’t look like crap and get better webcam.



    I’ll make something you’ll never forget!




    I hope to….
    (In order of likelihood that they’ll happen)

    1) Finish the 5 minute “educational” movie I’m currently writing a script and casting for
    2) Finish another video for a song I really like (have selected the song with help from Lowweek)
    3) Get a job
    4) Finish a longer (possibly 20 minute) project that’s evolving in the murky depths of my mind
    5) Finish my masters degree
    6) Bed Denise Richards and/or Lucy Liu (simultaneously if possible)

    Actually, 5 and 6 seem to have about the same potential for success at this point. And not in a good way…

    I’ll be interested to see how many items I can check off after a year.

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