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    – :: Rise of the Toasters :: –

    One day while visiting the grave of Wendell Finkwinkle…

    The Freakishly Deformed Little Weasel had an idea. If he could go back in time, he could alter the events of the war… and bring back the toasters.

    He enlisted the help of the the evil scientist Krustacious’s brother, Crustacious, to create a time machine.

    He did so, and the FDLW (Freakishly Deformed Little Weasel) went back in time. He brought back the toasters… so he could avenge his…



    WHAT THE HELL!?! 😕


    Oh… I see, this comes from “that other thread”

    You need to keep your posts in the right thread Tub-o.

    SheesH – james



    Avenge what!? 😯 WHAT DOES HE AVENGE!?!!?



    nevermind, the other forum members did a tottaly other thing he avenged.



    So he could avenge his crayon thats still stuck in his nose from first grade.



    After getting the crayons out of his nose, the freaky little weasel decides to make toast.

    He gets the bread out, and goes to put it in one of the toasters…….little does he know that the bread is overdue……well, actually he does know it’s overdue, but, as stated, he is a freakishly deformed weasel, who has no friends, and no life, and no car, and no videogame consoles, and no gel to do his freaky hair, and no clothes (even though animals don’t wear clothes), and no……. Anyway, he decides to eat it.

    He puts the bread in, pushes the button down, and waits……

    After a while, he gets impatient.

    After two hours, the poor little weasel goes psyco , and starts smashing the toaster with a hammer.

    After a few minuets of smashing the toaster, the weasel notices that he forgot to plug it in.

    So, he grabs the other toaster, plugs it in, turns it on at the wall, puts the overdue bread in, pushes the button down, and waits….

    After a few minuets, the weasels hears a *ping* sound.

    The tost is done.

    The weasel goes over to eat it, but finds out……that….the….toast…(The full stops get annoying, don”t they? :wink ) that the toast is burnt.

    He starts swearing and crying.

    The toaster starts laughing at him, and escapes out the window.

    The weasel decides to eat his nails instead.

    But what happens next?????? 😯

    (Note: I don’t know what the hell I was typing up above. Sorry for wasting your time. If you don’t get it, don’t worry, because I sure don’t.)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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