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    Yes it’s finally done. After lots of hard work and hours from me I have finished my longest film ever. It clocks up to 6 minutes 12 seconds and took alot of time, effort, support from the community and food. Anyway, enough of me yapping.
    Here is the film:

    Silence in the black low res 10mb
    EDIT: For the high res version, click here
    It’s 27mb.

    Enjoy and tell me what you think!

    -Little Studios


    Matt Gillan

    Review to come

    [spoiler=Review] First of all great atmosphere.The music fitted it perfectly. Secondly the animation was very good but for the fight scene the mini fig’s punches didn’t seem to have any weight. There were some very nice shots. My favorite was the first dolly shot where the camera follows the character. It was very dramatic. The voices were well done except for one of the voices which was hard to hear. Overall very nice job.

    Oh yeah, who was the dead man that the 3 people found on the chair?[/spoiler]



    [spoiler]That was supposed to be Tom, hence he was supposed to be holding a phone (couldn’t find one at the time lol so used a blue thing). [/spoiler]
    Thanks for the review!

    -Little Studios


    Night Owl

    Just saw it!
    [spoiler=Review]Quite a nice film. I thought the cinematography was very well done. The only objections I have were some redundance in the credits and the title, which didn’t really fit the content. Otherwise, good job![/spoiler]



    Oooooo.. That was scary!

    [spoiler=Review] That was wonderful! You set the mood perfectly with the music and the atmosphere was well done. I thought the story was strong and executed well. Some of the voices indeed were a bit muffled and it was kind of hard to hear. The animation was very good, and the screams gave me shudders. Reminds me of the Saw movies.[/spoiler]



    Not bad at all, LS! I liked it.

    [spoiler]Animation was relatively decent, and cinematography was okay. Sound design was sort of weak (omitting the music, which was an excellent choice, by the way), as Nightowl’s voices were very difficult to hear, and some of the sound effects (like the door opening) didn’t match up well to the animation.

    The scene where they find the body was too bright, IMO. I don’t think the room should have been white, but perhaps a darker color (like grey or something). It gave it too much of a bright tone, sort of out of place with the scene. Or perhaps it was too lit up. Perhaps that shot could have been done with the house’s lights off, to give it more of a darker atmosphere.

    The atmosphere in the torture room was excellent. The dark lighting and low-pitched music helped really make the scene. The only gripe concerning that part was Nightowl’s voices, as I mentioned.

    Oh, and the final dissolve where the killer is revealed was awesome.[/spoiler]

    I’m very glad I could be a part of this. Excellent work!




    It was alright. Was there a Firefly reference in there, or was the Ninja’s (or masked man’s) dialogue just a general observation?



    Not intentionally.




    My Review:

    [spoiler]I really thought the film wouldn’t turn out that good, Because of your sig(It needs some work around the edges :wink) But the film was good. The animation was great, and the story was good. Mark’s voice was poor quality. The music was good. And the cinematography was kinda good. I give it 3 Smilies 🙂 🙂 🙂 / 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)[/spoiler]




    [spoiler]Very good film. The tension was great. The only problem was (other than that one vioce) is that in the end, it was just another gorefest(without the gore). A sequal where the ninja hunts them down would be awesome.[/spoiler]

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