Silly Clones Needed

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    Onecras Films

    For my next short film, I will be needing three voices to play as clone troopers. However, these clones speak in an unknown language (the words are just backwards), and speak on the silly side. Some of these lines may be difficult, but if you would like to help, send me a message and I’ll reply with my email so you can send me the lines.

    Clone 1: whispering
    “Eh-er, od oh?”
    (No, do you?)

    (very scared/shaky voice)

    Clone 2: whispering
    “Ner, tub eh skool drew…”
    (No, but he looks weird.)

    Clone 3:
    “Eh edma nuf fo em temleh, os ned m elup twon am razal! an den I tohs mih ni ad dead!”
    (so then he made fun of ma helmet, so I pulled out ma lazar! And den I shot him in da head!)
    (telling the climax of a story)

    (Sound of him flexing/ standing up as a tough guy)

    “Tah gu-nirb oh ereh?”
    (What brings you here?)

    (more like a sound)

    “Yeh! Ease-eerf!”
    (hey! freeze!)

    “Yer! Pots taht!”
    (Hey! Stop that!)


    Onecras Films

    I’ve decided to change the dialogue so the words are said normally. The clones are just supposed to be hard to understand.



    Okay, do you want me to send you my voice recording? I did Clone 3. Please reply! 🙂



    The recording is all ready. My email is

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