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    Dude Sweeeeeet!

    Now that I have your attention, I going to make myself a website!
    I have the layout in mind, but I miss one thing. (guess what?) I need the right software! So what do you guys suggest? If you have website, what program do you use? I prefer free software/shareware.

    Merci d’avance!



    Learn html. No special software needed.




    I just used the free Yahoo sitebuilder to create my website. It doesn’t do anything extraordinary, but it gets the job done. If you know anything about html (which I don’t), you could always just use notepad.




    Or use Geocities to make your html site lol.. HTML is the simplist thing ive learned.. PM someone who is good at it (me or comet im guessing) and we can help you (i am prety good at it)


    Dude Sweeeeeet!

    Thanks for the advise you guys. But aren’t there any programs which you can drop and drag stuff, and then generate it into HTML?



    I’ve never tried it, but you can use Microsoft Word to build web pages. Just make a word document that looks like what you want your website to be and save it as an html. Of course, you have to have MS Word on your computer.

    There’s also a whole grip of HTML editors, WYSIWYG and otherwise, at Go to the Web Authoring/HTML Editors section.



    “Macromedia Dreamweaver 4”

    it’s not free, but it’s the best (html/wysiwyg) website builder.
    It’s the most used software by the profs.

    Hmm, shareware, freeware.

    Geocities, website builder is pretty simple to use and you can drag and do what you want, but it also add lot of garbage html tags.


    The Janitor

    In case you are interested in learning HTML, or for anyone else interested in learning HTML, here is an excellent tutorial. It is what I used to learn HTML.



    i learnt some HTML from The tutorials are good and they’ve got some advanced stuff to.



    I taught myself html with an old html for Macintosh book… I use First Page ( to edit my html. It has a bunch of tools and lets you preveiw your work.

    Here’s the site I’ve made with it: html://

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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