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    Ok, so, any of you who have been on Brickfilms for a while now, you might have seen the Sketchy Dude film where he try’s to make a British Soldier move.

    If you havn’t, then click on the link to the new film below, and there should be a link to the older film.

    Now that you’ve seen that film, here is the sequal. This film has a fair amount of special Effects, for my standards anyway, as I was testing out effects to use in my APE film, although I am not participating in it anymore.

    Link for New Film: … venge.html

    Film Stats:


    Length: 1:57 seconds

    Time to film: Don’t really know. It was an on/ off thing, so eh.

    Size: Under 3 megabytes

    Format: .wmv


    Please enjoy and review, and constructive critisism is welcomed,





    Awesome dude, i never knew you would do a sequel. It was pretty funny, great effects, nice matrix touches, just work on your walking sequences, make it more fluid, take Hali’s tutorial, and it will be fine. Nice job.



    very funny, 8/10-good fx, funny puchline, bad frame rate though, fairly good quality- i will write a better review later…
    this is my better review, again it was very funny, the punchline was put in perfectly, the fx were also very well done, nice matrix touches, the music was very good, but sounded like it was recorded from a mic (from tonyhawk2?) anyway, the quality was also done well, over all it was a very good film!!! 🙂



    Sketchy’s back,back again.Sketchy’s back,tell a friend. 🙂
    DLing now.



    “yodablob” wrote: bad frame rate though

    Hmmm, it was filmed at 15 Frames Per Second. Maybe its the compression that made it bad?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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