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    Hey guys, I have downloaded Axogon, I’m using it as a compositor for some green screens for a Lego animation project.

    I’ve gone to Smeagol’s site which has been very helpful and clear when it comes to explaining everything and all the steps to take.

    However, this following link:

    Instructs the user to click the “source button” on Track 1. When I created the tracks, no such source button appeared at all. I have been tampering with the settings of Axogon but no dice. I’m running Win7 but I have the .exe running in Compatibility mode with Win98/ME like Smeagol instructed.

    edit: *Direct Linked to Photobucket so viewing is easier* … tfman2.png

    Note how I have three tracks created like Smeagol instructed, but NO source button is appearing anywhere, like Smeagol said there should. I’m running the same version, so I’m not sure what gives. I appreciate the help!



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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