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    I have stop motion pro. But i cant figure out how to add audio files to my animation 😥 can anyone help me? 🙂



    If you have Windows XP, use Windows Movie Maker 2. It free. It’s in the Resources section. But it only has one audio track. ➡ :shake ❗
    If you don’t have Windows XP, I’d use DDClip. I think it works for Windows 95 or 98. It’s free. It’s in the Resources section. I think it has an unlimited number of tracks [not sure].
    Use the search engine here and research and look through the Resources section.
    Are you looking for something free? Or are you willing to pay some doe for a good program?



    SMP won’t add the audio to your video files, it’ll just let you use audio as a guide while animating.



    If you have the audio file completed, and all you have to do is compile the output video from SMP with the audio file, you can do that in the export avi settings. You can’t, however, add more than one audio file.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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