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    Hey all. Just wanted to get any ideas on which would be the better buy. The Digital8 DCRTRV350 or the MiniDV DCR-TPV19. Thanks.



    “strider” wrote: Hey all. Just wanted to get any ideas on which would be the better buy. The Digital8 DCRTRV350 or the MiniDV DCR-TPV19. Thanks.

    I don’t know about the perticular model, but MiniDV cameras are usually better. Plus, they use compact tapes.



    well is it for animation..?



    “IndyA” wrote: well is it for animation..?

    Of course! Camcorders have the “take picture” button. Some are fortunate to have a remote to prevent bumping the camera.



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    By personal experience camcorders take kind of a “sheeted picture” somtimes over the frame. The quality in a camcorder is not as crisp as a logitech quick cam pro 4000 (or other good webcam) because of how it is linked. The “sheeted picture” i mean that it puts a kind of smear tint on the animation…..i did a film with a camcorder….for a school project….if you want to see the difrence look here…the project was animation…..
    i will upload the files soon….——————
    i dont have them right now…


    Brian of Gep

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    There have been numerous topics about the advantages and drawbacks of miniDV camcorders, in this forum and the old one too.

    I just wanted to point out a thing about Sony. I don’t buy Sony products, because I don’t like their limited compatibility. For memory, upgrades, accesories, whatever the product (camcorders, photo, computers, hifi systems,…), the options are always only Sony compatible and thus two times more expensive. I like to have the possibility to choose the brand of my RAM, lens, tape,… This has to be taken on considerations when buying a hi-tech product. Just my two cents.



    Lowweek, I couldnt agree with you more. I have a Sony Clie PDA that is useless. It seemed like it had so much potential, then they discontinued it shortly after its launch(and NEVER GAVE ME MY FREAKIN WI-FI CARD!!). As for the cameras, make sure you look at exactly the options for still frames. Some of them take 6 seconds of video to represent one still frame. This sucks as it takes up TONS of memory and editing time.



    There are some things that speak in favour of Sony.

    First, there’s quality. Sony MiniDV cameras feature Carl Zeiss lenses, and it doesn’t get much better than that in the class of cameras we’re talking about.

    Second, JVC puts a line in their manuals where they warn only to use JVC tapes, as other brands might harm the camera. Sony doesn’t do that.

    Third, there’s clone-brand memorysticks around, so it’s not as bad as it seems when it comes to accessories.

    Fourth, Sony cameras come with a wide range of cool features, and some models (unfortunately not as many in the new range as in the old range) come with a manual focus ring, which is – as far as I can see – essential for the animator.

    Strider, as for your question:
    DCR-TRV350 and DCR-TRV19

    As for the focus capabilities:
    MiniDV: Focusing: Full Range Auto/Manual (Touch Panel)
    Digital8: Focusing: Full Range Auto/Manual (Dial)

    I don’t think a touch-screen will be as accurate as a dial. Furthermore, resolution for both cameras will be 720×512 (or something like that – not too sure about the actual numbers).

    Another difference: the DCR-TRV350 has 20x optical zoom, compared to the mere 10x for the DCR-TRV19.

    I’d advise you to buy such a thing in an actual shop, and ask the salesman to demonstrate it or let you fool around with it for a while. That’s the only way to get a good idea of the camera’s possibilities and qualities, especially if it’s your first camera. Decide what you will want to use it for (the above points are especially important for animation), and which camera best suits your needs and, of course, your budget.

    Yours facing a similar question,


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