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    I’m working on storyboards for a new movie and it inspired me to do some soundtrack work too…
    sort of a sci-fi/mission impossible type song… and, just like all my sound fx, free for you to use if you want it.

    lost in place (2.8mb mp3)


    Uh oh

    Wow that was cool. Speaking of sound effects, when I go to your various sound effect pages, it’s cut off so I can’t click on the links.



    Uh-Oh studios,

    Yes. My website is really screwed up right now. My hosting provider’s server blew up and my site was off the air for like 8 days…
    I’t back now, but the sound effects are all gone.

    I’m working on getting my new site up and running( so, I’m going to leave the way it is, for now… broken.


    David West

    Why don’t you just host your site on your brickfilms patronage?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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