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    RP Hoogle

    we could have a reasonably large stock footage library of lego. so if you wanted to animate let say a few cars going past. And I needed that I could use bluescreen to put it in my movie.

    and their could be lego backdrop request forum.and then I could read that and upload it to the library



    I think one of the downsides of animating with lego, is that it can be hard to make your film orginal from another.
    i completlly disagree that we should have a stock footage libary as it will take the orginality from films and i dont want to sit through 6 different films that have the same car drving past 6 different backdrops.

    What i like most in brickfilms is doing somthing new/different. its nice when people find a new way of doing somthing. this normally happens when somone has to work will the tools/skills they have. i think stock footage would encorage people to make films that arnt a fair reflection of there skill or imagination.

    which is what were all about. duh duh duh dummmmmmmmm



    Stock footage wouldn’t really work, as the lighting/setting/characters etc would have to match up with the rest of the film. As for compositing stock footage of cars and stuff, you would have to line up the shot precisely in order to get it looking right, which is not only difficult but takes away the director’s freedom when setting up the shot.




    There’s been some discussion on this following a suggestion by shootinbricks. It never came off the ground.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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