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    What kind of editing features does it have? Also: are there free stop-motion capture programs besides the Anasazi on because I keep getting an I/O Error, whatever that is. I’ve become tired of using Pinnacle Studios 7 to painstakingly make my movies and then have half of it SPONTANEOUSLY disapear.
    EDIT: I have a PC unfortunetly so I can’t run anything for Macs. (Throws another dart at picture of Bill Gates) THANX 😮 😮


    Brian of Gep

    Stop Motion Pro does capture frames. Not for free, but if you’re going to buy it anyways, you might as well use it.

    With SMA, have you tried reinstalling it?



    Have you got it to work yet? I got the program downloaded but it wont to my picture from my documents.



    Howdy Ryan. I don’t know much about Stop Motion Pro, but I think it should work with your camera. If that doesn’t work here are 2 free alternative capture programs.
    http://www.giantscreamingrobotmonkeys.c … nload.html
    and an older one

    Hope I can help. If you need help just phone me.



    yeah, i likes Stop Motion Pro alot, but it is 100+ dollars, and once you buy it all the red lines stay in the flim. no good

    MonkeyJam no good either you can’t choose a custom FPS, adn SMA, you can’t save so if it doesn’t export right, then it is gone for good.



    “blackmes” wrote: yeah, i likes Stop Motion Pro alot, but it is 100+ dollars, and once you buy it all the red lines stay in the flim. no good

    When you buy it the lines are removed. If you have bought it (and not tried to hack it) contact the Stop Motion Pro guys, they are very helpful.

    You could also try another program called animator dv. You can use it for free with analog capture at resolutions up to 640×480. It is still in beta though and has a very un-user friendly interface.




    Are the lines removed from films you’ve already made? I seriously doubt it. I think that might be what blackmes is asking.



    Yep ! As soon as you get LEGALLY the code, there no more thin red line, this seems quite obvious though. 😆 I don’t see a pro software outputting a red line…
    I do agree, SMP team is very friendly. They were in France some monthes ago for the Annual Animation Festival in Annecy (French Alps), they have spontaneously written to me in order to invite me in their stand

    Too bad I couldn’t go 😥
    Wow, these are NICE guys 😎



    Dear hali,

    What do you mean un-user friendly interface?
    Tell me (and maybe the others) what you imagine the interface of ADV.
    I can improve it. It is not system for me but for you.
    For now I’m placing emphasis on capture engine (for DV is the best on the market). And maybe now I’ll improve the interface.
    I wish but I can’t share it totally free.
    And latest release it is full featured trial not beta. Beta version concern to digital still cameras and it is another version available for beta testers only.




    I’ve just had a look at the SMP website and it’s worth noting that for anyone in full- or part-time education, SMP is “only” $98. Still not cheap, but better than $180.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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