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    Test for Panning, Manual focus, and Punching.




    I thought the panning was spot on. One thing I did noticed was that you have a hair stuck to one of your bricks and it was protruding out onto your set. It distracted me. Besides that, nice job.



    Gotta disagree about the panning. There were some camera bumps as it went along. The punch was pretty good.



    Sets, clarity/focus of the shot were amazing, The dolly shot was nice, as Leonardo812 said the zoom in had a big bump in it.

    But that can be fixed next time.

    Was that a QC9000 ?

    Lovely stuff



    “si665” wrote: Was that a QC9000 ?

    No, and a lot of people have said that, too. I am using a Canon HV20, and I finnaly figured out the manual focus, so I did a test with it. doing it manually is a bit harder, but the image quality is better that with Iinstnt Auto Focus, which I used for my previous films. Notice that the backgrounds are normally out of focus in my other films. I have fianally solved the problem, with the help of some guy named Jerry.



    “LegoShark” wrote: No, and a lot of people have said that, too. I am using a Canon HV20…

    Ahh…Nice, I’m using a QC4K in case you’re worried about the film… :wink

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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