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    Thanks guys for your advice and welcome-

    Here it the summary of our project
    full title:

    Johnny Thunder and the Eye of Khan

    At the end of the 30’s a new fear has spread through Europe, not only Hitler and his German thugs but a Collector of many things. Johnny uprises in his role as an archielogist and part time detective for the London Police Corps.

    Here is the synopsis-

    When a small bank in London is robbed, Johnny is called to the scene, finding out that money was not on the robber’s mind, but an artifact. Johnny finds him self on the hot pursuit of a man named Diaz Porto who seems to have a liking for objects of great power. The Jounrey begins in India than moves to the Hymilayans where the final locations of the journey is revealed.

    Can Johnny, his uncle and a reporter named Pippin Reed stop Porto before the world suffers the Consicqunces and confronts the awakend horror of Porto’s actions




    Sound cool! Good luck 🙂 But do you know that there is other sections, like the “general section” and the “post and review section”? :wink


    kowarama skip

    sword fights and airplane fights!



    Wow. Thats going to take a LOT of work



    While I appreciate your asking us, the important thing is to make what YOU find interesting.

    Starting to film something, and then getting bored with it, won’t do: you’ll need motivation to carry something to the end.

    Also, don’t start big. It is definitely not advisable to go over 5 minutes for your first film.




    Well considering that you’ve got yet a good scenario, I don’t see the need of a poll.
    Keep on working as you want on the promising plot you’ve written and good luck !

    I don’t believe in people’s answers from poll : do what you want to do and hasta la vista…
    If you ask too many people about what they want to see, they’ll probably be the first to spoil your movie !!! :evil

    I remember an old story : a long time ago in a far away continent (50″s in the US 😛 ), Ford had questionned the americans about THE car of their dreams. Considering the opinion of everybody, a car, supposed to be perfect, has been designed, engineered and built.
    What was the result ? A major commercial failure. 😡
    It shows that often, it’s better to do your own way rather than asking everybody about what they suppose to like ! 😛



    Now thats a great Synopsis , anything with Johnny Thunder I’ll watch. 😀



    I’ve found it’s best to (like wanderer said) start small. Do a few shorts and gags first to get aquainted with the bussines.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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