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    A while back, I heard the 100 different ways to be irritating, read out loud. (That can be irritating in itself, I suppose.) Well, here’s the 101st, for brickfilmers only.

    Here’s what you do: send the following text as a PM to the person you wish to irritate. Be sure to replace the <____> text with the appropriate names and titles.

    “In a PM, ” wrote: Hey there.

    I’m in the process of recruiting voice actors for my upcoming film, . There is a certain character which is prominent in the film, that of a 6-year-old boy named Jack Blubber, who is the son of one of the main characters of my film. This boy is grossly overweight, and constantly yells and screams at his parents. In general, he is a snobbish, discontent, pernickety, ignorant child, who spends most of his time eating potato chips, and playing video games. Since his parents are rich, he gets whatever he wants, but always wants more. If anyone asks Jack Blubber to do something, he refuses, just because he was asked to do otherwise. He spends many hours on the Brickfilms forums in my film, and gives the entire community the impression that he is a master at the hobby, yet he has never animated a shot in his life. There are quite a few lines for this character, and several screams and such like.

    I’m doing my very best to acquire actors whose individual lives reflect the lives of the characters in my film; I think that way, they could play the parts much better. I’m wondering whether YOU would like to play the part of Jack Blubber. Judging from the photo of yourself in the “Guess the Brickfilmer’s Appearance” thread, the sound of your voice in the song you posted in the “Post Your Failed Song Attempts Here” thread, as well as your style of posting, I think you would be a perfect actor for my Jack Blubber character.

    Let me know soon! Oh, and if you don’t want to act the part, that’s okay, I guess that’s only consistent with someone of your character.

    See you ’round,



    LOL That is irritating.



    Funny, but I guess it wouldn’t work if they saw this thread before hand huh? :wink



    heh heh, 😈

    please don’t kill me



    Delete the thread. Hehe. Let no other see the thread. :mrgreen:



    I sent a PM to someone. I’ll post later with the results.



    You guys got nothing better to do?



    “Lechnology” wrote: You guys got nothing better to do?

    Hey, I’ve been animating and scoring music all day. Give me a break. ):



    Hehe, this is getting interesting. It appears I have started a new trend in the brickfilms community – now everyone wants to make a movie with an irritating 6-year-old in it!

    I’ve received 3 PM’s so far, keep ’em coming! 😎

    On a more serious note (?), your PM’s would look more realistic if you fixed the text inside the ‘s, Shrankenhiemer and BertL. 😆



    “BertL” wrote: [quote=”Lechnology”]You guys got nothing better to do?

    Hey, I’ve been animating and scoring music all day. Give me a break. ):[/quote]I mean “anything” better than this. I consider it spamming to pm people for no reason other than to irritate them. I have filters for that in my email. I don’t want have to demand for one in the forum.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 29 total)

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