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    At long last, 2 monthes of work have become a 3 minute 40 second film. I won’t bore you with the details though, please enjoy.

    TCOA’s site

    High Quality, 9 MB, Real Media

    Low Quality Coming Soon

    The server the high quality version is on is quite fast, so you 56kers shouldn’t be caused too much greif.



    Mr. Less

    Wow, very good Logan! Nice animation combined with very good lighting! The voices though, made it slightly hard to make out all the words. And the story is slightly confusing, since you have no idea that the man is in a courtroom in the beginning. Anyway, a very good film!



    yep .. nice, smooth animation .. the picture quality is really great .. sometimes for me, as a non-native-english-speaker (is this a word? 😆 ), the dialog was kinda hard to understand, but nonetheless great work !



    Not bad Logan, nice job. Very nice lighting, the dialogue and the plot was abit confusing though, the voices are ok. IMO, i thought it was not as entertaining, but still, the technical parts of this film stood out well and was well done, overall great job
    My grade: B-



    Very good Logan. Nice lighting, animation, and all that filming techniques. Just the plot is a little confusing.. but very good job!


    Lieberman Bros.

    WOW! That was awesome! Kepp up the excellent work! 😀

    My rating 7.5/10

    How’d you get the file size so low with such a high resolution with DIVX? (what settings?)



    You’ve done a great job here, Logan!

    ***There might be spoilers below****

    The story in this film was quite hard to understand. That I don’t understand so much English, made my fall out a couple of times. When I watched it the secound time I got it. It was better then, but what I didn’t understand was why Fortunato didn’t do anything when that other man locked him in.

    Your animation was very good. The charachters moved realisticly and it looked good. I appriciate that you had put some moving people in the background. That’s always nice to see!

    The lighting was good and I couldn’t see any flickering, but sometimes when you changed the cameraangle the lighting changed. I guess that’s because you filmed it on different days and couldn’t keep the lighting as it was the day before. Try to avoid that next time (I know it’s hard)

    I have to say that the cinematography was very good, but I have some advices. When you film angles where one man talk to another and you film from behind his head (I hope you understand what I mean) you should put the focus on the one that’s farest away and not the one that’s close to the screen. Another tip would be to not change the angle to one that’s very close to the previous. Then it’s just best to keep the previous one a little longer.

    One last thing: the black spaces lasted a bit long. I thought there was something wrong…

    I don’t hope you got the impression that I didn’t like the film, because I really did!



    Downloading now…..



    The animation was really good.Did you use the LogiTech Quickcam Pro 4000?I’m dying to get that cam! :evil I understood the story,since I read the poem before. This is just an idea,but you coulda updated the diologue to fit today’s standerd,but it’s good the way it is.You’re sound quality is better than mine. 🙂
    Did you have fun filming this movie?
    A very good film,although I woulda liked to know why the main character wanted to kill Fortunato. 8/10



    — The Cask of Amontillado —


    I read this story in freshman year and I was heavily impressed by it. The story was scary, tense, and interesting. Admittedly, I don’t remember many details, but I do remember the true sense of horror I felt when the Narrator (I know he had a name) began to bury Fortunado behind the wall, brick by brick.
    Sad to say, I didn’t really feel that sense of horror in this movie. The entire thing felt rushed, which is a shame, because I think it could have been really good.

    I’ll talk technicalities first, then the story.
    –The animation was good. The walking and talking all suited very well. Nothing that knocked me off my seat, but still above average. Nice job here LoganArts, keep at it.
    –The sets were disappointing except the cattacombs, they were nice. I tend to be attentive to these details because I used to be very sparring when making my sets, but once you start putting things in the background, it just livens up the scene so much. The main problem I had was the basic use of colors. Black, grey, red, and blue. Not only that, but the lighting made the latter two colors seem extremely bright, not the route one would want to take while making a tense horror movie set in the late 1800’s. The carnival threw me way off. I didn’t feel like they were at a festival of any kind at all. Sorry to say this, but thats all I could think about during this scene. All there was was a red and blue box for the characters to act around. It surprised me even more when I saw the cattacombs and how good they were. Some effort in the sets as a whole in the film would have improved it greatly. Logan, whatever mind set you were in while building that underground tunnel, use it from now on. 🙂
    –Cinematography was basic, again for the first two scenes, but once they got underground, everything was a little darker and a little moodier. The lighting was good in that I could see everything well, but there wasn’t anything really special about it. The shot structure had some excellent intentions, but in the fashion it was executed, I wanted more and also felt that the film almost accomplished it. In the cattacombs, the choices of shots were very good, I liked the tilted and the more obscure shots, and they also fit well in the story. Nice job here.
    Kristian mentioned the scene where the Narrator meets Fortunado at the carnival. What he said about having the shot over one persons shoulder and having the other person in focus is a good thing to note for future projects. If you look at the shot, there is nothing interesting about it because the only thing there is the back of the guys head. Now if Fortunado was in focus, all of the background would be in focus and the shot would be much better. The other thing (Kristian also mentioned this) was the changing of shots between the two characters when they spoke and how the shot really wasn’t too much different than the previous.
    When shooting a dialouge between two characters, the shot structure that is commonly used is a shot reverse shot. Take note of this because it may help you in future films. Imagine a straight line going through the two characters talking. Pick one of the sides of that line. Now the rule says you cannot pass over to the other side of this line while chaning angles to show the other character. So you look over the Narrators right shoulder (like you did), so the reverse shot would be looking over Fortunatos left shoulder at the Narrator. Just something to consider. :wink
    I must mention the little sequence where the Narrator pushes Fortunato into the nook and buries him. I won’t go into much detail, but the editing and the shot structure and the music worked perfectly and it really did feel like a great payoff.

    –Now for the story and the way it was told. I must say, the idea of using the courtroom was brilliant. To my recollection, that was not the original way the story was told and it is an excellent idea on your part Logan. Like many people mentioned before, the way the characters talked and the vocabulary used made the ideas they were trying to get across a little difficult to understand. Those who have read the story were at an advantage, but those who didn’t may have been lost. I do not remember why the Narrator was trying to kill Fortunado and I’m not sure whether you mentioned it in the film. However, that should have been a point that you should have put specific emphasis on because it is the hook of the story and the main reason why we’re watching. One detail that you seem to have left out was the Fortunado was terribly drunk. This is why he doesn’t find it suspicious that the Narrator is leading him down to the cattacombs and this is also why he doesn’t do anything except laugh while he is being buried alive. Without this detail, these two things, especially the last one, are lost and, at least to me, don’t make too much sense.

    — Music — great choices here. can’t pinpoint any of the specific songs, but the music at the beginning over the credits (mind sharing the name of that piece with us?) and during the burial were all well choosen and used. great job here.

    All in all Logan, you have crafted a film that was not boring or bad in the least, but left someone who has read the story wanting more. I would say the two biggest things are concentrate more on lighting and not only making sure we can see whats going on, but also in creating a mood and a feeling and sets. Detail detail detail. The more stuff you put in the background, the better it is. You did have people moving at the carnival and that certaintly was a pleasant sight to see, but dont forget about little things, like crates and barrels and just stuff in the background to make a more fleshed out and believable environment for your characters to work in.

    ***(out of four)

    LoganArts, i wish you luck and hope you improve in the areas above mentioned and anywhere else you think you need to improve on and i also hope that you stay on track with the things you got down (music and animation mainly). Good job and looking forward to seeing a new film from you soon! 😀

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