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    Due to the great success of The Day Crashed, it’s inability to become an official Community Project because of the presence of copyrighted material, and techincal problems with some clips, I am pleased to announced The Day Crashed 2.0 (henceforth referred to as TDBC2.0)

    TDBC2.0 is not a sequel; it’s a remake, or, if you prefer, a director’s cut.

    Lechnology has agreed to endorse this project, and therefore, TDBC2.0 an official Community Project sponsored by and produced by We The Brickfilmers.

    First, I would like to ask all original animators for TDBC who had clips with copyrighted material to please resubmit their clips to me void of such content. Also, even if you had the rights to the music, please remove any music from your clip. I would like to have one cohesive score throughout all of the clips.

    Secondly, if any original animators who wish to redo their clips for any reason, please feel free to do so.

    Thirdly, I’m welcoming new participates who want to add their own clip to TDBC2.0. Those who were going to submit a clip to TDBC but were unable to due to time constaints are also encouraged to submit them here. Here are some groundrules:

    1) Animate a short scene depicting you in minifig form reacting to the crash of March 2007, preferably in a humorous manner.

    2) The clip should be no less than 15 seconds and no longer than a minute in length.

    3) Clips should be uploaded as a raw, uncompressed AVI. If you need temporary storage space, please let me know.

    4) Clips may contain dialogue, but keep it clean, please. Keep everything to what you’d say to a young child or your grandmother.

    5) NO COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHTS TO. This means music, sound effects, dialogue, images, etc.

    Please PM me a link to your uncompressed AVI, along with your first and last name. All contributing animators will be credited in alphabetical order. I can provide server space if needed.

    There is no formal deadline as of yet, but it would be reasonable to expect all clips to be submitted by the end of summer, if not sooner. If needed, I will set a deadline later.

    Please post in this thread to declare you intentions, and to ask any questions.

    Disclaimer: Lechnology, MindGame and myself (as Minister of CP / Excutive Producer, Vice-Minister, and Vice-Minister / Project Coordinator, respectively) all reserve the right to reject any clip that does not meet project standards. Both and We The Brickfilmers require higher-than-average image quality, animation and sound design.

    I, as Cheif Editor, also reserve the right to trim, edit and modify clips as I see fit. All accepted clips will be given ample and appropiate screentime.

    Here is a to-do list for TDBC2.0:

    *Fix the Boyle’s clips (Shale, TwoBit, Capt. Bulldog, please resubmit your clips sans music and as uncompressed AVIs)
    *Fix the date of the crash (got the wrong month, d’oh)
    *Fix spelling/grammar errors (please, point this out if you see any)
    *Tighten timing and editing
    *Improve sound design (Hey, I gotta live up to my BAMPA nomination 😉 )
    *Redo intro with copyright free material (globe was created by a user on Brickshelf, forgot to credit)
    *Redub the voiceover with someone else
    *Add additional clips
    *Get an original score written (composers, this is your chance to shine!)

    Again, please feel free to ask questions in this thread.

    Let The Day Crashed 2.0 begin!



    Cool. This will give a chance for people to contribute who didn’t the first time around.




    “Lord_Of_The_LEGO” wrote: *Fix the Boyle’s clips (Shale, TwoBit, Capt. Bulldog, please resubmit your clips sans music and as uncompressed AVIs)

    Will do.



    Brilliant! Consider it entered!

    Does anyone know where I can get copyright free music? (A google search yields nothing but spam).



    I wasn’t a member when it crashed, but I did use the site for resources and to watch films. Can I still make a clip for this?



    I’ll try and make a clip too.
    BTW, If I make a clip, just credit me as “Munzapoppa”.


    Night Owl

    So, what music would you be needing?



    To get me back into the swing of Animating, I think I might join in with this project, the clip will be about 20-30 seconds long. Okay?




    “Shale” wrote: [quote=”Lord_Of_The_LEGO”]*Fix the Boyle’s clips (Shale, TwoBit, Capt. Bulldog, please resubmit your clips sans music and as uncompressed AVIs)

    Will do.[/quote]

    Shale, your clip was the only one that wasn’t choppy.



    I will try and get my clip done this time then.


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