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    Finally, after hours out of days out of weeks of toiling, I’ve managed to stuff this thing into Premiere, stuff it into a more suitable package, throw it into brickshelf, and create a link to the box. I have a long way to go with Premiere and Brickshelf. Oh well, at least it’s here.

    The Link:

    please note that in some parts there is a lack of audio, and that is because the voices were accidentaly destroyed. But hey, at least there’s something to watch.

    Enjoy, hopefully.



    That is so cool!

    Lol, great first film!

    Liked the music, and storyline, too. Simple, but not to simple.

    Little to much still pics, but hey, minor gripe; 🙂



    1. simple
    2. easy
    3. good music
    4. nice day and night set up ( or did the lighting change big time?)
    just 1 tip is to tape your sets down ok?
    nice job
    IndyA 😎



    um, it wasn’t my first film. It’s my second. I guess I forgot to mention that clearly.

    To make the night, all I did was lower the setting on the “brightness” control for my camera. In reality, there was completely normal lighting.

    thanks for the positive reviews!




    The film was good. BUT,

    here’s some tips for improvement’s.

    When it became night you could have used a transition so it didn’t look like it did. So sudden. You got the point but a transition had helped.

    When the man walked it went very quick. To animate someone walking up a stair requieres a lot of work, but if you take the time it looks a lot better. It’s pretty hard to make it look nice too. I’ve tried 🙂

    The lighting wasn’t steady and made it a bit *ææh* when you had put on the dark.

    The background you used had a bit too light blue colour. Mayby it should have been a bit darker. To have a nice-looking sky is also hard 🙂

    You had some really nice cameraangels and I liked the music 😀

    The final words was cool 😎 although I guessed some of it 😀



    That was great! It had the same style of humor as The Man with the Cane. Being able to tell who made the movie, just by watching the move itself is always great. Anyway, I agree with Yolego, it had a few too many stills, but it was still great. Nice funny flick.




    The car crash was cool! lol
    Good for a second film, I agree with minifigstudios, a transition from day to night would have helped a little. Also, if there were originally voices in there I would’ve kept them out anyway because it makes the scene a little more interesting really. I’ve been wanting to do a silent for some time now, now if I can just find the time… lol 😛

    All in all, good job.



    my first idea was to do the transition in Premiere, but when I stuck it on and played it over in Real Time Preview, there was no transition. It really frustrated me, so I had to go with an instant change. I think I’ll post a question about that in the hardware and sofware.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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