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    ok guys here’s the deal with this one…. i saw this over at neonspeed and thought it was a pretty cool idea….

    all you do is say something about the person who wrote something above you in this thread…. it seemed like it worked out really well
    so here we go….

    all you have to do is: ^ “say sumthin here, no quotations needed”

    i’ll start it off… go!

    Guys, lets try not to flame with this one. Try and keep it positive.



    ^wants to be a mod :wink


    ^doesn’t want a Burger Clown to sue him



    ^Is a pretty cool guy 😀


    ^Pretty cool himself


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    ^ Needs to get a life
    ^^Also needs to get a life…
    <—Is the Man 8)



    ^needs to goto rehab


    ^ edited his last post



    <-edited his last post because it was orriginally directed towards ^ but then ben showed up


    ^ Formerly Spike Co Films

    < wishes someone else would post in this thread

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 178 total)

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