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    Juyst tossing the plan out here, might be usefull.

    I want to run some stop mo gags of my lego’s.
    I’ll use what’s at hand to begin with.

    Camera, mobile cam-htc one x on tripod rig. (I may post some pics of the set up.) Android have stop mo apps for free, but to begin withim rolling with claymation.
    Sound, chat headset for computergames. Wont be pretty.
    Final edit on computer.

    I plan to make a colapseable studio out of cardboard.
    Background painted or printed on cardboard, and fake buildings etc if needed of cardboard. Like a theater… Sort off.
    I have a ikea desktop lamp with a diode for spotligth.

    And somelego’s.

    When set up I’ll post footage. The plan is to make some short gags to get into it, learn the ropes. With the studio colapseable, and therefore easy to store away. I can set it up when needed, where i have room. Thats the theory annyways.


    Galaxy Patrol

    Sounds great. Look forward to see your setup and the films that you will make. The collapsible studio sounds really practical as well.

    Good luck!



    Testing set up.

    The wall is for sticking a background on. Its made from take away pizza box cardboard. And folds nicely. May need a third wall if i need a bigger scene. But this is a small “simple” beginning so,, it will do.
    The htc camera on a tripod needs to be lower than the table or it will be to high for my use, so I use chairs and xbox game covers to get it properly adjusted.
    I have only the ikea reading lamp, strong white ligth. May have to dim it.
    The red table cloth is just random. And may reflect red ligth.



    Thanks for sharing Morten



    Thanks for sharing Morten

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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